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Hi everyone! 

I hope you're safe and healthy in these crazy times we're living in right now. 

I wanted to reach out as I've been doing some work to overhaul my Patreon. As some might have heard, Diamond (the main distribution channel for comic books in North America) is no longer accepting new product for the foreseeable future. This has largely meant many projects going on indefinite hold throughout publishing: If no new comics can be sold, then nobody is making new comics.

This is, hopefully, a temporary "lay off" for myself and so many freelancers. There's still lots of ways you can help support your local comic book stores that've been impacted by this decision: buying back issues, trades, or other in-stock merchandise! (Via curbside pickup or mail-order for safety!) And there's lots of ways you can support your favorite creators too - via commissions, purchasing original art or prints, or subscribing to their Patreon or similar service! 

Currently I am in the process of catching up on a few long overdue commissions before I fully open up again. It's a slow-going process - with daycares also closed, I'm the main caretaker for our 8 month old son, limiting my available working hours to a small night shift after he goes to bed. I'm also trying hard to keep a fraction of cash flow generating, as we're not sure when this crisis will end: I have a couple projects that are so far not impacted by the industry shutdown, and I've also been doing some original art for sale.

And hence the overhaul, as I try to rework my Patreon into something I can hopefully dedicate a bit more time and attention to. 

I've got a couple new tiers that hopefully cater to different interests: 

Lvl 1: Patron - Most of the same as it's always been, with access to the Patreon feed and looks at new art as I work on it, sketches, blog posts, etc. 

Lvl 2: Process Junkie - The new home for hi-resolution, layered art and breakdowns of different techniques and tips/tricks, for those that want to see and dissect how a particular piece or page is done.

Lvl 3: Backstage Pass - This is an exclusive look at upcoming projects, as well as never-before-seen stuff from my archives: concept art, unpublished art, pitches, etc.

Lvl 4: Art Collector - A very modest-size black-and-white single character commission. (The more sizeable commission tier will likely come back eventually, but not before I've caught up with previous commitments.) 

The first Backstage Pass post went up over the weekend (and the rest of this month is already scheduled), and the first Process Junkie post goes up tonight! 

Thank you as always for your support and understanding, especially in these trying times. Stay safe!! 

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Great illustration! I wish you luck in your endeavors!
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Uhh thats a great imagine i love it i love to post every sonic picture cause he's my life and my movement...i need he in my life
FrostTheHobidon's avatar
reminds me a lot of Sonic Battle
ChoaticGhostRabbit's avatar

Unpopular opinion but I really like Sonic the Fighters

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Good morning friend, So Awesome!!!!!!.
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Ah this coloring is reminiscent of Sonic Battle. Nostalgia feels. Imma actually favorite this.
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Oh my, I was ordering this month's comics though the collector cave's website, since that's my local comic store and i wanted to support it even though I can't go to the physical store right now, but if the new comics aren't being made in the first place that's terrible.  I hope you and everyone else in the industry will be okay.
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Good to hear from you. Hope you and yours are doing well. 
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You even rough-outlined them with the right-colored pencils.
Well played.
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Yeah! It's a real bummer. I have/had a cover for My Little Pony that was supposed to debut in July...guess we'll have to see how this all pans out.
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