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Happy Birthday, Hedgehog

By herms85
So I'd started the layout on this back when our favorite Blue Blur was still 20 years old, but this just kept getting set aside week-after-week, month-after-month... Until I finally wrapped it all up earlier in June. I at least finished up before Sonic celebrated his 21st!

Pencils and inks on 14x17 inch Bristol, colors in Photoshop 7.
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Awesome and Happy Birthday, Sonic!
SleetandDingolover's avatar
OMG So freaking awesome!~!!
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The only problem I have here is Espio's horn, it's meant to be on his face where his nose should be, or inbetween his eyes, but it's on it's head here.
Other than that this is fantastic.
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I've heard he didn't turn 20 on that birthday, it was his anniversary so SEGA made it like a birthday, but I think in the games he's still a teenager.( remember, they age slower than normal things)
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You gave the hedgehog a nice present here!
 Happy Birthday Sonic the Hedgehog!!! This is a great drawing! Sonic, Silver, Shadow, Knuckles, Tails, all the male members of The Chaotix(Charmy, Espio, Vector, Mighty and Ray together), Team Rose(Amy Rose, Cream & Cheese, Big the Cat & Froggy) Blaze, Marine, Rouge, Omega, DR. Egg-Man, Metal Sonic, Nac the Weasel, Bean, Bark, the Babylon Rogues(Jet, Wave and Storm)the Power Ring and all 7 Chaos Emeralds look great!  
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I almost thought this was Yardley's work!
NUMADACHI's avatar
Wow I had a fanboygazime
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Y-You're on dA. I didn't even know. ;u;
I miss having Archie Comics. .3.
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Man, that's just so fantastic!! :D
Also Matt, are you all here?
I've found you, Ben Bates and Patrick Spaziante here in dA so far!
Are all of you Archie comic artists in deviantArt?
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Haha! Many of us are, actually. I know most of the current freelance staff and some of the inhouse guys are on here. Not too many of the veteran guys are on DA, though. At least I haven't found 'em.
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Too bad, well the most important thing is that I've found Spaz and you, my favourites! :)
Keep up the amazing work!!!
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Now this just...ROCKS!
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Ther's only one video game character you may have missed... Eggman Nega. Otherwise AWESOME!
Norma-luvs2draw21's avatar
I love your art man ;w; I hope that i'll be good enough for archie
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It came out really nice. Your pencilling skills and coloring skills are really interesting. I like your drawing style of the Sonic characters.
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Ah, quite nice.
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Really beautiful.
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Awsome! I loved how you made Silver! He's my fav. ^^
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