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Go Green Power Ranger GO
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Published: December 11, 2004
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C’mon now. You watched this show when you were little. Admit it. =P And hey, the Green Ranger MADE that show, baby. This guy was bad-ass – or at least as bad-ass as Power Rangers could get.

Well, I watched this show. ;) Religiously, even. But I lost track of it after only its second season. :( I could never make it home in time from school to watch. Plus, after a couple years and when they started changing it up like its Super Sentai footage every year to a new version? Well, by the time you it puberty Power Ranger just wasn’t all that cool any more. And boobies were. So, you know…

But ma-an. I remember this dude. The Green Ranger kicked ass. Me and a buddy of mine, Steven Lau, would sit around drawing pictures of this guy, fighting monsters and stuff, when we were kids. I moved after that first season, and I sorta’ lost track of alotta’ my childhood chums. But ‘ey, wherever ya’ are Stevey, check it out bro! It’s the good ol’ Green Ranger. :D Just like the old days.

Specs: Ink doodle and Photoshop. Trying to reacquaint myself with both ink and Photoshop still. ^^;
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That was an awesome song, even if it did start out as the theme for "Cybertron", a show that would eventually become VR Troopers.
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Racesgirl2000-1Student Artist
Sweet, dude
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WaywardsamuraiProfessional Digital Artist
Now and forever it is always Morphin Time!
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marauderfazeStudent Traditional Artist
I had the honor of meeting Jason David Frank at STL Comic Con and he is as epic as ever! He really did make the show! I really love your work and style, this is an epic piece of art!
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What did you make this with? :)
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I'm re-watching Power rangers from the beginning :D. This guy is the most Ultimate! and Best! Hero in history of heroes :D.
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Yay! Ahh, how I miss this show!
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I still watch the show
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aMAGEnationHobbyist Writer
Awesome green ranger.
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NWeezyBlueStars23Student Traditional Artist
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aside from the cheesy script this guy made a serious bad ass if you saw the dino thunder series the guy who played Tommy. Played the black ranger and even fought his 'inner self' the green ranger which was full of fanservice xD
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mydesignisredProfessional General Artist
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DaughterOfSpardaHobbyist Writer
nice job! he was definately my fave male power ranger :P
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MutantandNinjaLoverHobbyist General Artist
OMG, I haven't heard from the Power Rangers, in like...FOREVER! I miss that show actually. The fighting's totally fake, and cheap, but I love it anyways! I like the plots mostly!
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hinchenProfessional Digital Artist
I love your cartoony style. Looks so cool!
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if still interested look up linkara videos. you know if its ok with you.
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XxUnknownJoexXHobbyist Digital Artist
I always loved when he was evil that ONE ranger could beat the entire other team. XD
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What about RPM? It's one of my favorites.
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we did a show on youtube called the ranger show execpt we used toys.
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