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From the creator of Deadpool... OUTRAGE!!

By herms85
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SO EXCITED to be able to finally share this! I am coloring a brand new superhero Webtoon comic called OUTRAGE, written by Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza, with art by Reilly Brown, Jay Leisten, Pat Brosseau and colored by me! You can read it online for FREE right now at:…

The first three chapters are already out! Updates every Wednesday! Hope you check it out!!
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Wait, YOU'RE working on this!?

Excuse me while I head to Webtoons.
Whew... scared me a minute, i thought you were talking about Rob Liefield
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Exact same reaction here.  Huzzah for it being Mr. Nicieza instead!
NuclearPoweredPony's avatar
I feel old. I remember when super heroes beat up giant robots and space aliens.

Im not sure how rivetting beating up an internet neck beard can really be.
gamma102's avatar
I'm not really okay with the idea of this comic...

But, nice art.
Kimmi-suTT's avatar
This is so awesome! 
Congrats to you and getting to work with these guys! 
FrostTheHobidon's avatar
this looks really cool
LazyRayFinkle's avatar
Congrats on the new gig. 
LazyCafe's avatar
oh oh i sub to it yesterday! 
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Already reading it! I flipped when I saw you did the colors in the credits!
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No way, Fabian Nicieza is still working? Right on!
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