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Bunnie Uekawa Style (Sonic Universe 96 Cover)

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The upcoming Freedom Fighters arc features several homage covers, including a few box-art tributes! Can you guys guess what game this cover was inspired by?

This is the second time I've gotten to emulate Uekawa's Sonic Adventure-era coloring style for a cover. It's so much fun! Hope you guys dig it!

Pencils: Jamal Peppers
Inks: Jim Amash
Colors: Matt Herms

For sneak peeks and more at upcoming art, be sure to subscribe to my Patreon! To find out more, check out:

NOW ON PATREON! by herms85 
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Stylish job! X3

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It’s a shame this issue never got published
It’s magnificent! Bunnie actually looks great like this!
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I gotta say, Bunnie looks way cuter this way! ^^
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For the record, rumor has it the planned Bunnie/Blaze team up story was reworked for IDW Sonic #4 as a story involving Sonic, Blaze, and newcomer Tangle the Lemur.
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Look at that, She fits right in. 
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I can’t believe this one will never be released. I was so looking forward to it too.
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LOL ! Look like Bunnie just photobom the shoot for Sonic Rush cover !
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Was she in sonic rush? Ik sega said theres a 3rd playable character by glitch
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the newest game to the franchise.......bunnie rush!
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Already cancelled by Archie July 2017, IDW takes its place April 2018.
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I heard. Hopefully they continue the stories.
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Tyson H. is coming back as Sonic artist for the IDW Sonic comic relaunch, of course.
SarahSpyborg259's avatar
Heard that too. I have high hopes about this :)
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AWESOME! even though I like her very first design way more...
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Bunnie Rush...

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I feel like angels suddenly appear every time I see this.
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Sonic: "MY SPOT!"
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I love the gormless expression on Blaze and Sonic's faces.
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They should give a Sonic Channel profile to every Freedom Fighter. I mean, if they can get away with Sticks, why can't they give this girl more love?
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