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ALL The Robot Masters

Whew... Got alot of requests to post this after Sonic the Hedgehog 250 dropped, so here ya' go! The raw artwork to the double-page spread in Sonic 250 featuring nearly every Robot Master ever. I'm not kidding, ~ianpotto's script for this sequence actually described this panel as something like "the moment I'll get death threats from the art team."

This spread - the whole issue, in fact - took forever. This issue features around 100 characters - not generic crowd shots, by the way. Unique, licensed characters that all have their own reference. This spread took about 2.5 days to color, and the whole issue about two weeks to knock out.

Hope you guys enjoy! Be sure to pick up Sonic the Hedgehog #250 at your local comic book store!

Pencils: ~AnubiTheFrog
Inks: ~SKY-BOY
Colors: *herms85

Artwork published and copyright to Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
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Also Flash Man is not in there I'm serious look all around you will NOT find him, also Enker? nope Ballade? nope Quint? Nope The Stardroids? NOPE
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You know what I just realized it's not ALL the Robot Masters if you look anywhere in there you won't see any of the robot masters from the FIRST MegaMan game/MegaMan Powered Up
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Dude, this is epic, and that is not a word I throw around a lot.  I do find it interesting how centered Silver is in this shot, like we're following him into battle rather than Rock and Sonic. 
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If some of you look closely, you'll notice Rouge was turned into one.
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All the way up at the top left... is that Eggman?
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Errr, that's Astroman.
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*looks at left of image* I'm in love with this now... Squee! FOREEEVEEER!!! :eye:u:eye:
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*looks at corner* That can't be who I think that is...
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I love how they put the Robot Masters according to the games they were most iconic from!

Mega Man 8 (Top Left)

Mega Man 2 (Bottom Left)

Mega Man 5 (Bottom Right)

Mega Man 4 (Middle Right)
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It's so beautiful.
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*eyes bug*...Oh my...0_0
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Does anyone know where Flash Man is in this pic? I just CAN'T find him! :o (Eek) 
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Just read further into the comments and found out he wasn't In the pic. I really need to read the comments before posting my own... Eating Worms 
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Oh god O.O The details are so hard to capture indeed
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I just named everyone in the pic! I feel proud:D (Big Grin) 
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WHOA!!!! So Awesome!!!!!!
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Question: Are you working for Archie ?
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Their should be a game to see who can name all of the robot masters.
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I CAN!-- okay, unnerving fan aside, I love this picture to bits. Just look at those solid colours! I also love what little interaction there is in it.
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