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Four-Legged Secret



She was just a girl in your class.  She seemed like the shy type, always situating herself in the back of the classroom, and kind of a prude as well, dressing modestly in long, sweeping skirts that swept along the carpet whenever she went up to write on the board.  Brown hair, grey eyes, an unassuming demeanor, and an altogether forgettable girl, that's what you thought of her.

She thought much, much higher of you.

It was Valentine's Day when the shy, prudish schoolgirl approached you, stammering and tripping over her words before she finally asked if you wanted to spend the day together.  You agreed, having no other plans, and set off on a Valentine's date.

Much later that night, she and you sat in her room, laughing at nothing and everything.  Well, you were laughing.  Something was on her mind, you could tell, so you prompted her to talk about it.

"I...  Are you sure?"

Of course you were sure; you hated to see a girl like her uncomfortable.  Barely able to keep eye contact, she began unbuttoning her top, revealing a vibrant pink bra, slowly and almost seductively undressing in front of you.  You blush instinctively, unaware a girl like her would ever really want to go that far.  Her delicate hands move down to the waistband of her skirt, and after undoing one, two, three fasteners, she slides the fabric to the floor.

You stare.  You blink, rub your eyes, and continue staring.  

Four pale, slender legs catch your gaze, each perfectly situated, each shifting nervously as two hands attempt to cover three crotch areas in awkward embarrassment.  It's... like nothing you've ever seen before.

"I've been keeping this secret for a long time.  It happened last year, I don't know how, but I've had to keep them covered.  But now...  Now you know."  She looks away.  "It's been a lovely evening, but you probably want to go now that you know I'm a freak, huh?  I understand.  Go on."

You close your gaping mouth long enough to stutter that no, you don't want to leave, you could honestly stay here forever.  She seems surprised, more than anything.  You try to tell her how beautiful you find her in that moment, and two of her four legs begin rising in the air as a blush rises to her cheeks.

She starts laughing.  Placing a hand on one middle leg, she turns and winks at you.  "Haha, you really think so?  Well then, you better keep my secret, all right?  Do that, and you can stay as long as you want.  Happy Valentine's Day."


My muse wanted a cute and sexy four-legged girl.  Who am I to deny it?

I really need to draw here more often...
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Wow she's adorable!