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Day 17 - Inchworm Complete



It was her torso that she had felt stretching, elongating her body and sprouting breast after new breast as she struggled to stay upright through the transformation process.  The horror of wondering what had happened was quickly eclipsed by the erotic sensation of eighteen -- Eighteen! -- nipples hardening as they stretched forth.  The nubs where her arms had once been twitched eagerly, attempting to reach with invisible fingers for her new assets.  She had to touch them, she had to...!  

Laetia's mind escaped her for just a moment, and before she knew it she was thrashing against the ground, trying and trying to rub her eighteen breasts on anything available.  She reared back and let out a moan of delight at the sensation all down her body, lashing the nub where her torso ended back and forth in sheer lustful happiness.  "S-someone... come rub me...!" 
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I love see more of this