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We've Got School Spirit

Yeah this one's just because we're really lacking in cheerleaders now. Cheerleaders are fun. (Also Indian apparently counts as Asian/Pacific Islander? The more you know.)

Name: Kanta Khemu
Age: 14
Grade: Freshman
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation/role: Student, Cheerleader. Also, you know how popular girls in school tend to have a posse of girls following them around? She's probably going to be one of those.
Orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Single and ready to mingle
Dorm Room/Roommate: IDK man
Likes: Parties, hanging out with friends, legwarmers, chicken, reading gossip magazines, pop music, dancing, school spirit
Dislikes: Math class, dealing with/cleaning her glasses, mice, being stuck in a classroom/alone for too long
Personality: Perky, helpful, and friendly. Extroverted. Willing to do anything to help out or get on people's good side. Bit of a pushover? Doesn't see herself as intelligent or book smart.
Bio: Kanta and her older brother Kiran grew up knowing that they were expected to be the best. Their mother is an engineer for a company that develops aeronautic technology and is a bit lenient, and their father is a principal for a high school a few hours away from Misery Falls and a huge stick in the mud. (Where have I talked about someone teaching at a school a few hours from Misery Falls before?)

Kanta and Kiran both participated in a number of extra curricular activities both outside of school and supported by the school, but the one that she took to in particular was cheerleading. She also tries to keep her grades up, but doesn't get good grades nearly as easily as Kiran does, leading her to believe she's simply not as "book smart" as he is. Really, she doesn't care much about the academic side of school and would much rather socialize.

The high school Mr. Khemu teaches at is the best, or at least that's what he demands. Despite this, Kiran brought up the idea of him and Kanta transferring to Misery High after hearing that the band teacher's daughter was going there. (Oh hey Felicia.) After talking to the Mallards, Felicia saying that "Misery High is uh ... great ...", and looking into things like the classes offered at Misery High, the Khemus deemed it satisfactory and decided to enroll their children there.

Kanta's excited because this means she's away from her parents. Time to make lots of friends and maybe even a boyfriend! Technically she's not supposed to date until she's sixteen but they don't need to know. ;)

Other facts: The Khemus are Hindu, which is why she and Kiran don't eat beef.

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Huzzah! Perky cheerleader!
She is so going to get traumatized isn't she? XD
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Don't they all get traumatized? XD