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The Font is Called Smells Like Tacos

Are tacos still an emo kid thing? Why the fuck did I make this guy. I outgrew the emo kid phase, everyone I know has outgrown this.

Oh right, he was going to be involved in a storyline with a cult trying to discover Malawrath but that went nowhere so I didn't use him. But then I needed another male to make the genders even so I had to dig him up again.

Name: Travis Trent (his middle name either starts with a T like Tiberius or it's super embarrassing so he doesn't use it. Middle names are hard guys
Age: 15
Grade: Freshman
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation/role: Student, emo kid, would probably go down to the portal just to see what happens
Orientation: Bi-curious
Relationship status: Single
Dorm Room/Roommate: 259, Shiva Darzi
Likes: Rain, thunderstorms, the occult, ghost stories, haunted and abandoned places, music (I'm not sure what kind. what kind of music is emo. My Chemical Romance? Probably MCR), writing, spending time on the computer, navel contemplation
Dislikes: Large crowds of people, being outside too long, getting up early in the morning, dogs, bigots
Personality: Emo internet hobo. Does that count as a personality? No?
He's creative, and intelligent, but also way too serious and generally pessimistic than he probably should be at his age. Shy and bad at thinking of things to say to people, often resorting to acting like he doesn't care. Prefers being on the computer or making things to spending time with people. Prone to getting lost in his thoughts and thinking about the nature of the universe.
Bio: Travis Trent was born and raised in the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland and lives with his mom and her partner, who he considers a second mom. He's had a good childhood and his moms always encouraged him to do what he wants and what makes him happy, as long as it's safe.

His home is close to the Point Lookout Lighthouse, and from an early age he became fascinated with things like haunted houses, ghosts, and the occult. He'd use some of the locations to come up with stories, and it was while researching settings that he learned about Misery High and the rumors about it. A haunted boarding school sounded really cool to him, so he tried applying for a scholarship and enrolled.

He's both nervous and excited to be attending. Excited because, as mentioned, the school sounds really cool. Nervous because it's a large school with a lot of kids and he's away from his moms for the first time in his life.

So yes. One of those kids that came to the school specifically because it's haunted as fuck. I feel like that's a standard thing people put in bio now. We should make a bingo card.

(I think I originally meant for him to be a huge dick who bitched for no reason but then his personality ended up going in the opposite direction in my head and I think I like him now? We'll see what happens.)
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gif famn it i was excited for him to die but he ended up being nice. fucking Unacceptable.

JÉSUS KRISTO lets see where he ends up,
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He can still die! He would still be likely to go down the portal and join a Malawrath cult and junk like that because he'd find it fascinating. And it's not like I'm going to hold off on killing him just because he's nice. I kill everyone. Look at Deanna.

(Granted if I kill him it might be less "HA HA" and more "Oh. Uh". But we can save the "HA HA" for if/when I kill Perry.)
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DO NOT KILL THE NICE PEOPLE. only traumatize them. until they break down. and kill themselves. (donny)

(im still holding out for that guy to die in a mental institution)
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Hee, it was fun to break Donny down. So fun. Although he wasn't nice anymore by the time he died. (Honestly though I have some characters I could probably break down to the point of suicide again if I wanted to. Should be obvious who? But it's a tricky topic and I'd rather not.)

(Do people tend to die in mental institutions a lot though? They're designed to prevent that from happening. And it's not like a prison where you could say something like "prison riot". Maybe he tries escaping and gets killed. IDK. Something to think about if I get around to fucking up Perry's life more.)
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The angst is strong in this one.

Which reminds me I need to get on some new students.
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Angst, self pity, one of the two.

Have fun when you do!
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I will! I have an idea for a student and a teacher. Still gotta work out the kinks.
hermiethefrog's avatar
Both works.

Sounds awesome! I gotta submit my last student and write up the bios for the new guys... gross.
pixiesera's avatar
Eww bios. Those take too long.
hermiethefrog's avatar
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I either procrastinate on bios when I have the drawing done or on the drawing when I have the bio done. They both can't be done at the same time.
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I tend to do drawings first.Unless it's a story and they're a character I made for that. I still haven't drawn some of the I Can't Die characters.
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Pffft,every story of mine has an obligatory emo kid xDDD nothin'n wrong with it!
I dig the large blue eyes.
hermiethefrog's avatar
Emo kids are fun. In the "let's poke them with sticks" kind of way.

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If tacos are an emo thing, then consider me emo.
Because I want that font now.
I also expect him to be six feet under by the time this school year is out.
hermiethefrog's avatar
I know, tacos are good.

I don't remember where I got it. Somewhere on the internet. Could probably google and download it.

Oh yeah.
Punsephone's avatar
They are delicious.

To the google engine!
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"Are tacos still an emo kid thing?"

Tacos were an emo kid thing?
hermiethefrog's avatar
They were mentioned at the end of the emo kid song. And GIR was obsessed with them?
2wingo's avatar
GIR was obsessed with taquitos.
hermiethefrog's avatar
I thought you said mojitos for a second and I was going to say that that explained a lot.
2wingo's avatar
I once read a Sherlock Holmes book that had Holmes actually invent the mojito.
hermiethefrog's avatar
That does sound like something he'd do in his down time.
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