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Following up the Countdown silently

I resisted but I rejected
So I did not fight...What else to do? what else can any man do?
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perfect gorgeous diamond photo!!!

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:bow: my friend, thank you :D

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my pleasure, my dear friend:dummy:

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I am in quarentine now... more time to watch my friends!. :) Fortunately!

Sorry for delay...
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I am in quarantine also...
No problem
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you look like a returning soldier,weary from battle. a little wiser for wear !

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How true, ıt was taken after a hard conversation...
Thank you so much for your warm compliments :D
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So handsome my dear friend!
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What a kind way to sent some compliment to an old man :D
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Great photo of you my friend! You look through time and space.
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Oh! Thank you so much dear Dymitry
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Love ...thought provoking !!!
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You have strong physiognomy ... for sure a fighter inside. There is nothing wrong with falling but keeping fallen is the wrong.Hug 
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Thank you so much for your warm compliments dear friend. 
Agree every words you said. There will be a mistake if you are falling because the same reason on everytime you tired. So you must be careful if you are doing something you did before. 
the problem is, I tried some different thing in some particular situation I failed most of the time even if tried some different things. Can I call it as destiny?
Now ı am waiting for the time to reach the end without doing anything. "just following the coundown slently"
thanks for your warm comment
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I feel his loss.
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Thanks for joining me while I was trying to digest my....
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A striking face from a man who I may call a friend. :hug:
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It would be an honour to be called as a friend by you. Thank you so much :D
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A very moving portrait!
Well Done2 by SCPhotoArt  
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