Satomi Touka, a Gluttonous Genius

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WARNING: This is a Magia Record Tsuruno/Touka WEIGHT GAIN fic! If you don't like seeing your faves fattened up, don't read! Enjoy!

Satomi Touka, a Gluttonous Genius

"Miss Mighty!" Satomi Touka popped another slice of battenberg into her mouth, beckoning Yui Tsuruno to her side with a click of her chubby fingers. "There is an unacceptable amount of air in my digestive tract, so" Before she could even finish her orders, Tsuruno was already a foot deep in her sloshy, stuffed belly, easing the indigestion inside of it. "Nnhh!"

"Your tummy hurts?" Tsuruno asked, her eyes blank and glassy, but still staring intently at the huge balloon of a belly in front of her. "Of course I'll massage it for you!" She smiled a bit, not needing to be brainwashed to enjoy playing with a tummy this size. Touka's dress was hardly more than a skirt at this point, the front of it having ridden up over her stuffed belly and allowed it to spill out around her like an apron of fat. She'd given up on the corset weeks ago, having squealed and whined as Tsuruno had tried to tie it around her master's mattress-sized waist.

"UuruuDon't be so rough! My adipocytes areOuurlppvery sensitive!" Touka whined, throwing a bourbon at her slave with a fat hand. Tsuruno managed to follow her order properly this time, and eased up on abusing the huge gut. "Hmph. That'll do." Touka huffed, returning to feeding her already overfed appetite. Grabbing a donut half the size of her own head, and tearing it in half with her chubby hands, the red-faced Magius greedily threw each half into her mouth, one after the other. 

Tsuruno watched, utterly spellbound as crumbs of dough and chunks of icing spilled out of Touka's mouth, landing in her meagre cleavage, or staining the frock around her Soul Gemthe Gem itself beginning to look more and more like a jam-tart. When Touka finished off her mouthful, her throat almost bursting as it struggled to swallow the mass of masticated food, Tsuruno hardly noticed as her master tried to lean forward, desperate to reach more food.

"Gah! I can't reach thethe snacks!" Having already gobbled up far more than her fair share of the treats arranged for the Magius' tea partythe other two too disgusted by Touka's gluttony to eat at all—Touka's heavy arms couldn't reach far enough past her gut to grab any more calories. With her belly sloshing out across the tea-table like a plate of jelly, her pudgy hands simply grabbed at the air, stained with jam and sugar. Her dress began to voice it's concerns, however, and Touka retreated for the sake of her own dignity. "Miss Mighty! Gather more calories for me!"

"Of course, Touka-sama!" At this point, Tsuruno could've been entirely lucid, and she still would've happily followed the massive Magius' orders. Scooping up an armful of cookies, an entire block of butter, and a bottle of iced tea to wash all that fattening food down, Tsuruno hurried back to her master's side.

"Ugh," Alina Grey decided she couldn't watch this anymore. "That disgustosa stomach of yours seems to be more important to you than your duties as a Magius." She crossed her arms, having not touched a single shred of cake-icing or cookie since Touka began eating. "Your gluttony isn't inspirando at all." Alina reached out and gave the pile of pasty, youthful fat in front of her a disinterested prodmuch to the girl connected to it's frustration.

Nemu Hiiragi took a moment to agree, having been hiding from the blob behind a book for the past hour. "For once, I agree with Alina. Your appetite is a considerable strain on our budget. A cult such as our own does not have infinite funds, after all."

"Huh?!" Touka squealed, spitting out half a block of butter. "FIsh ishThish is important research for our liberation!" Slapping her belly, and trying not to enjoy the ripples that spread across her body, Touka pointed a fat finger at her accomplices. "I need to investigate how much control Kyubey's Soul Gems have over our body, and" Deciding it'd been too long since she swallowed something, Touka forced at least three cookies into her mouth. "and just how our corpse-bodies continue to function!"

"Do you need another tummy rub, Touka-sama?" Tsuruno asked, now fully free from her brainwashing, but still obsessed with the fleshy wall in front of her. "I would be more than happy to!" Touka had been chubby when they'd first met, but thanks to the brainwashed Tsuruno's attentive feedingeven when Touka told her not tohad ballooned her up into a barely-mobile Magical Girl that needed her slave to lift her belly whenever she wanted to waddle around.

"No!" Touka threw another biscuit at the unaffected Tsuruno. "Tie my hair back, Miss Mighty! I don't want to spoil my hair whilst I eat." She huffed, licking jam off of her lips and running one of her hands through her mostly-clean locksthe sticky fingers only making her hair messier.

In a moment, Tsuruno was behind Touka, tying up the titanic girl's hair into a single lock. "You're so cute, Touka-sama!" She giggled as she gave her master's huge pillow-arms a poke. Touka asked Tsuruno to sew up her dress every night, but now that her brainwashing was little more than a suggestion, Tsuruno always made sure to do a shoddy job, so that the seams would re-open as soon as the slobby Magius girl shoved her hammy arms into the sleeves.

"Tsu?!" Touka blushed, hiding her embarrassment behind a lump of brownie. "UlpD-Don't speak out of turn, slave!" With her cheeks flaring up, Touka dabbed at her lips with the handkerchief over her chest, and then wiped the sheen of sweat from her fluffy forehead.

"Looks like your dog isn't so obbediente, anymore." Alina chuckled as Tsuruno ignored Touka's demands, fawning over the ring of lard hanging from her chin, and inspecting the fat pooling over either side of her chair. "Perhaps it needs some disciplinata."

Tsuruno was drooling at the suggestion, trying to pretend she was still brainwashed. Touka's eyes drifted from her snack to her slave, eyeing it down with disdain. "Hmph. I doubt she'll survive my foot. Perhaps on Mars." Touka gave her foot a tentative lift, slobbering at just how uselessly heavy it was. Tsuruno herself looked like she might have leapt under it, given the chance.

"You look like you're enjoying this, Touka..." Nemu sighed, looking at her pig-sized partner and her fully red cheeks. "You seriously need to control yourself." Her attention turning back to her book, she chewed out Touka without a second of hesitation.

"Control?!" Touka squealed, stamping so hard that the table shook. "I will have you know that I am perfectly in control of the functions of my brain. My pituitary gland is not giving off a single nanogram of endorphins in reaction to my" Touka swallowed how turned-on she was, filling her mouth with a sausage roll as thick as her meaty wrist. "Duh maiUlpmy weight."

"I doubt you have any control over your appotito, though. The genius has simply become a ghiotonna!" Alina chuckled at her fellow Magius' mindless mastocation, offering her a sandwich cockily.

"I am not a glutton!" Touka wailed, taking Alina's sandwich and stuffing it into her body nonetheless. "This is all for the sake of liberation, might I remind you!" Halfway through her complaining, Tsuruno had taken to rubbing her tummy again, slipping her hands straight towards Touka's spoiled stomach. "There hasn't been a genius of my caliber since the birth of the universe! Since the big baUuuUuuouroollpp!!" Tears came to Touka's eyes as Tsuruno finally disloged the indigestion in her tummy, the gas making itself known as a titanic burp.

Satomi Touka ground her foot into Tsuruno's chest, already exhausted simply from lifting her leg high enough to step on it. "You" She panted, her face a mess of indignant embarrassment, painted with sweat and leftover jam-stains. "You idiot! You made me look like a repulsive glutton in front of Nemu!" Leaning harder and harder onto her right foot, Touka pressed more and more of her half-ton body onto Tsurunoif Tsuruno hadn't been a Magical Girl, and the self-proclaimed 'mightiest', her chest surely would've caved in by now.

In reality, though, it was far different. Tsuruno was smiling, biting her lip as she enjoyed the torture. "F-Forgive me, Touka-sama!" She pretended to scream, the tears welling in her eyes mostly thanks to the orgasm she felt coming on. From the way Touka was stepping on her, Tsuruno could easily see the entirety of her ass, and a sliver of her lacy, red panties poking out from inside its cleavageher tights really weren't doing much to conceal them, with how torn they were. She hadn't been able to resist, and had started masturbating almost immediately.

Thanks to the swell of her belly and the width of her meaty shoulders, Touka had no idea what Tsuruno was doing, save for the occasional shake of the body below her foot. In fact, besides Tsuruno's groaning, Touka could hardly tell if she even was underneath her. "If your synapses continue to resist my control, I'll have to send you to Mifuyu for brainwashing again!" As Touka leant onto her slave's chest, she could've sworn she heard something crack, the noise alone exciting her just a little bit.

"But," Tsuruno began, unable to see Touka's face past the pendulous gut hanging a few inches above her nose. "But I was following your orders, Touka-sama!" Tsuruno had at least been trying to do what Touka told hershe could hardly resist doing the bidding of such an adorable gluttonbut sometimes she got a bit carried away.

"No! You're making it look like I enjoy being so swollen with fat!" Grabbing a roll of flab from under her ruined dress, Touka's face scrunched up with barely restrained pleasure as she gave her own fat body a squeeze. "All theseAll these fat cells, r-ruining my youthful figure...!" She gasped for a moment, finally admitting to herself that yes, she was enjoying this. From in between Touka's constantly chafing thighs, cum began to drip onto Tsuruno's naked chestan odd form of torture; one that seemed to be making Touka suffer more than her victim. Touka's legs grew shaky as she became awash with pleasure, the cellulite of her tight-clad thighs wobbling dangerously.

"Touka-sama?" Tsuruno asked, suddenly quite worried. If Touka's body came crashing down on her, then she would be in some real trouble.

"Sseventy-five percent of—half a ton..." Touka's eyes grew glassy as her other hand grabbed some meagre chest. "My body mmust be drowning in leptin..." Her knees began to buckle as sweat seeped into her scalp. And just like that, Touka's titanic mass came crashing down on her slave, utterly overcome with mindless horniness. "NyAghh!" Feeling her soft, barely-clothed ass come down squarely on her slave's dick, Touka was instantly overcome with a wave of red.

As her cock was crushed, Tsuruno began to sob for real. All the cushioning on Touka's ass made it far less painful than the impact should've been, giving Tsuruno her last push as her master's ass slipped straight onto her cock. "AaAh! Touka-sama!" Tsuruno decided that she'd be just fine sitting tight and pretending to be Touka's slave until Iroha came and 'rescued' her.
ooga booga. fat magical girls. At this point, you know the drill. This time we've got Magia Record girls Tsuruno Yui and Satomi Touka, an evil loli who is just a little bit too cute. She's fat.

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Fat, and adorably so.
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Thank you! Touka being a fat spoiled tsun is so adorable...
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Spoiled *and* a perv, it seems. Quite a powerful combination.