My Comfort is Watching you Comfort Eat

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WARNING: This is a Magia Record Rika/Ren WEIGHT GAIN fic! If you don't like seeing your faves fattened up, don't read! It's that simple. Enjoy!

My Comfort is Watching you Comfort Eat

Don't be weird about this, Rika...

She's your girlfriend, it's just comfort eating...

Although Ayano Rika was trying not to stare too much at Isuzu Ren as she tore through a tub of strawberry ice-cream, Rika couldn't help but keep her eyes fixed on that spoon as it sped between the still-frozen cream and Ren's soft, pinkish lips. She'd bought this ice-cream for the both of them, but it seemed fate had different things in plan for it; namely, having it all funnelled straight into Ren's tummy.

She'd had a tough day at school, though, so Rika wasn't about to interrupt her. Ren had earned as much food as she wanted. The TV hummed in the background, Rika having forgotten about whatever was playing a few minutes ago as she snuggled up next to her girlfriend. Ren was so much taller than her, so she made for a wonderful big-spoon.

"Om--" Ren slipped another spoonful of ice-cream into her mouth, the slightest smiles slipping onto her lips just before she shoved it in. Spoon after spoon, Rika could practically see her mood improving, until she was eagerly cuddling up against her - and just as eagerly stuffing more ice-cream into her mouth. "O-Oh, Rika-chan, you-- you bought this for both of us, didn't you?" Ren caught her staring out of the corner of her eye, and immediately burst into embarrassed apologies.

Not actually noticing what Ren was saying - and just waiting for her to feed herself more ice-cream - until she was literally pushing the spoon into her hands, Rika leapt back, realising she'd been making it weird for ages, now. "Oh, don't worry!" Rika laughed off the awkwardness, taking the spoon and looking at it as if she had no idea what to do with it. "You looked like you were enjoying it so much, I didn't wanna interrupt you, Ren-chan."

"I was?" Ren was overcome by another wave of embarrassment. "Nhh... I must really be comfort eating, after all..." She bit her lip, looking guiltily at the half-empty ice-cream tub. "I-- I think I'm putting on weight..." Reaching down to rub her tummy, Ren silently compared the bulge under her jumper with the slim curves of Rika's t-shirt. Ren knew it was a bad idea to compare herself to a fashionista like Rika, but she couldn't help but feel a bit plump next to the tiny girl. "How do you stay so-- so slim, Rika-chan?"

"Mpph?" Ren caught her with a spoon in her mouth, heaped with a guiltily large amount of ice-cream. "I-- Uh, I dunno. I just don't really gain weight." Rika admitted, shrugging. She loved sweets and desserts, but never seemed to get any bigger - any taller, either.

"What if..." Ren's cheeks grew a shade redder, if that was even possible at this point. "What if I get fat, Rika-chan?" Stress began to rise in the back of Ren's head, all that ice-cream in her tummy feeling worse and worse with every second.

"You don't need to-- Mff-- worry about that!" Rika reached out and wrapped her free hand around Ren's hips, trying not to squeeze the tiny tyre of tub that was filling them out. "I really don't care 'bout that stuff." Actually, the opposite was more than true; Rika preferred larger women. "Besides, it's better to eat more than eat less, right? At least that way, you're enjoying yourself!" She giggled, this time taking the spoon and feeding some ice-cream to Ren.

"Omch--" Ren couldn't say no to her girlfriend. If she said she didn't care about her weight, then it wouldn't matter to her, either. "Th-Thank you, Rika-chan..." She smiled, moving in closer to 'share' the ice-cream - which meant finishing it off all by herself. Ren had to admit, though; she felt so much happier when she was eating sweets, and even moreso when it was Rika feeding them to her. Before she knew, the rest of the ice-cream was all gone, Rika having almost obsessively fed it to her between affectionate strokes - strokes that all seemed to be orbiting her belly...

"R-Rika-chan, everyone's staring..." Hidden under a parasol - barely - Isuzu Ren wished she'd bought her swimsuit in a bigger size. Rika had insisted that she 'wasn't that big', but by the way her ass was being squeezed, it seemed Ren was that big.

Ever since Rika had begun to feed her - to comfort feed her - Ren had ballooned up, her non-existent exercise routine doing her no favors as her weight skyrocketed, until Rika could almost entirely engulf herself in her girlfriend's tummy. And now, that tummy was being contained by a soft white one-piece swimsuit, the baby-blue bow that sat on her chest half lost in the cleavage she'd developed over the past few months. A grey sports jersey kept the truth of Ren's flabby, hammy arms from the world, and in her free hand she carried an entire bag of ice-cream.

"No-one's staring, silly!" Rika, a third the size of her massive girlfriend, hung onto her flabby arm like a floatie, her free hand occasionally giving Ren's gut a pat. "If anything, they should be staring at me~!" She hummed, proud of her very in-season swimsuit. Rika, however, was definitely staring at her girlfriend - how couldn't she, when there was so much of her to look at?

From the frills at the back of her swimsuit that only accentuated how fat her ass was to the utterly straining elastic keeping the top in place, Ren was absolutely wonderful. Her voice was still so soft and calm, and even if she was too heavy to top Rika anymore, she was just as dedicated to her as ever.

"I feel so big..." Ren moaned, rubbing her already-chafing thighs together as she left huge footprints in the sand. "Maybe I should've gone on that diet, after all..." Every step saw Ren's tummy bob against her thighs, her feet sinking into the warm sand as her sheer weight threatened to squash anything in its way.

"No!" Rika stopped, Ren's belly jiggling as she came to a stop, too. "My girlfriend doesn't need to worry about her weight, or anything!" She insisted, placing both her hands on Ren's tummy - ignoring the tornado of blushing that was welling up on her cheeks. "I wanna spoil you, and love you, and everything!"

"Mmm... Rika-chan..." Ren was always bowled over by how much passion Rika had in that little body. With her strawberry-patterned bikini, and those adorable pigtails, Rika was so cute that Ren could gobble her up if she wanted. "Thank you..." Ren's smile returned to her chubby cheeks, her neck-tyre wobbling as she shook with happiness. "Maybe I will have a snack or two, after all."

"That's the spirit, Ren-chan!" Rika grinned, fishing a chocolate ice-cream from Ren's bag and holding it up to her mouth. Rika's girlfriend practically slurped it up, shivering as she was overcome by gluttony - and a little bit of brain-freeze. "Yummy, right?"

Neither of the girls noticed, however, the gradually growing tear in the side of Ren's swimsuit, belly-fat sloshing out over her skirt as she filled up on ice-cream.
Another day, another prompt that became a full fic. Fat Magia Record girls are my crack. This one features Rika and Ren, who are... cute and canonically gay.

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cash-boneHobbyist Writer
This story is less than half the length of one of mine. I have so much to learn about properly writing the fats.
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HeriyasukiStudent Writer
Quantity doesn't particularly constitute quality, but it certainly does help. When I started writing fats, I too wrote reeally long things, but after I started taking prompts on CC that forced me to write under 500 words, I learnt tons about writing stuff in media-res, making stuff efficient and 'cutting the fat' as it were. Of course thanks to CC's idiot squad doing prompts on it is really awkward and difficult... For the record, I do have multiple 6000+ word fics in the works, so don't feel like you have to cut anything down.

Anyways thanks for reading and leaving (what I hope is a positive) comment! Look forward to my next fic/s.
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cash-boneHobbyist Writer
I think there are times and places for long things, and times and places for shorter things. I just sometimes feel like I need to write shorter things, because all of my works are around 2500-3000 words. But hey, I just need to keep writing to iron out any issues.

It was a positive comment, btw. I liked reading it. And I will look/am looking forward to whatever you may have next.