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I was wondering could you make a youtube banner for me ill pay you.

Contact Me at: TrelosPlayz#1001 on discord
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I love the little details on this! Like the fly landing on the scythe before falling down dead and the rustling of the jacket just before the snake comes out. It gives you a surprise every time you look at it. 
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when the fly touch the "guitar" Rip fly 2017-2018 XD
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I really adore all the detail in this
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just so much going on with this. Very neat!
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umm this is amazing???????//?/ what?????
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Good job man! 
amazing animation,

Interesting subject!
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Ohh the fly that barely touches the wrapped up scythe, then falls dead, is such a nice extra touch in a drawing that is already chock full of nice touches.
And the dithering actually a bit of texture too in some areas!
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Amazing animation!
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Oh my gosh, this is so cool, I love everything about it!
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Just another dead day.
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I like the snake.
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I wasn't expecting that great animation! This is wonderful!
That is cool!!
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The awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O*
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