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Realistic pokemon Giratina
The original size was 7000x15000 (more or less) for the details
I thought that Giratina was a sort of dinosaur
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I look amazing here!
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Dragons are inspired after dinosaurs so that presumption is a quiet right.
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Such a pretty pokemon⌒.⌒
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AHA He looks just like Apatosaurus back in the old daysMonkey D. Luffy (Smile) [V2] 
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That's truly amazing, in fact all the members of the "Creation Trio" from Gen IV games are based on different species of dinosaurs. You should do also a Giratina Origin Form, maybe with features ispired from plesiosaurus since it has a serpentine look.
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I thought of it as a dinosaur/dragon form, too, but in a completely different form.
A great design idea, I love to have it in the realistic Pokemon Group, such a pleasure!
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The dragon form you said i agree.cuz its Ghost/Dragon type
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This is an awesome rendition of Giratina. I always thought it would be some sort of dinosaur, too, since it is a part dragon type after all and it's looks remind me of one. Especially this forme. The Origin forme is more centipede-like, but I'd still make it more serpent than insect like. 
Anyway, I think you did great job interpreting this legendary. You made it realistic and very believable yet you still manged to maintain its magnificence and legendary status. Good job on the details, too!
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Pretty awesome, I love your interpretation of the crest.
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I like the sauropod look
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wow....he looks so creepy..
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