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I try to show it on another way
Enjoy ^^
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O.o I feel so tiny
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OMG purrfect <3
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*Jurassic Park theme plays in the distance*
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{{I have him :)}}
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Your Pokemon drawings are impressive, I like your style!;) (Wink) 
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This looks pretty col - I like your design.
I think Dialga looks more dynamic :)
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Loving the sauropod format
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IMO the legendary pokémon should be waaaay bigger since they're like divinity right ? but it's just my opinion, great work !
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this is the perfect size of a dialga:
5.4 meters tall, equivalent to 17 feet 9 inches.
weighs 683 kilograms, equivalent to 1505,8 lbs.
it's friggin huge!!!!
you'd probbably spam dis for me being a smartass.
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Ok. if the guy is 1,70 metr (ordinary size)
3 guys on top of each other = 5,1 meters
5,1 m, it's just above the face of Dialga (Try it, copy and paste with paint)
30 cm for the rest
683 kg? Who cares?
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one of my top fav pokemon....

so majestic. I love how you painted it to made shiny scales and head with horns.

Not massive as original Dialga, but majestic and powerful as sauropod~~
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very cool^^ I am reminded of the water horse(Nessie)
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