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awwww... damn, it seems like you need to click the download button to view it.

A movie about war and how it has happened so many times before.

after watching the movie you can join the online war here: [link]


19.09.2006 - edited the file and it's back in the daylight of my gallery, now with public domain music by ParagonX9 ([link]) instead of my nasty nasty copyright violations.

illegal evil original version is to be found here:
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Schlegel120 Digital Artist
This is how I imagine all the games of Tic Tac To I have ever played. Haha.
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sevinjHobbyist Digital Artist
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SpringTrap395248Hobbyist Digital Artist
WAR::minigun: :Shoot: Gun                                  :blamblam:                               :tatatatatatatatatata: District 9: ARC gun 
Rambo SUPPRESSIVE FIRE YK42B Pulse Rifle Tards With Guns 1                           invincible tard                          AK47                           
Shootin' Steve :rifle: AK aim and fire Gun It Down                               back 2 back           Pulse Gun  desert eagle :gunfreak: Tommy Gun 
:iconcgbplz: Glee Emote :m4:                                           :yeehaw:              masterddd's avatar machine gun tard firing it's gun 
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SpringTrap395248Hobbyist Digital Artist
in a nutshell 
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SepilioHobbyist General Artist
this is like WW2 holy....
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.. I guess the point is that the one is no better than the other. as long as there is was there will be others to follow, the war will newer stop.
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that song is really damn catchy lol epic XD
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as long as theres corruption and money there is war
matt67potter's avatar
and human nature
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extreme Tic Tac Toe game!!!
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Jo3-R6eHobbyist General Artist
It doesn't end until every shape has been destroyed!!! Dear god...
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i seen that animation in stickpage
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xXRisingDawnXxHobbyist Artist
holy crap!
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Ha! Ha! X team then O team and finally Triangle team!
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amazing, good work
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DragonconeStudent Filmographer
nice work
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Still amazing.
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apollosun2012Hobbyist General Artist
i love true....unfortunatly im pretty sure im the sircle leader in real life sucs
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This concerns my judgement of how important violent politics really is. Why hasn't man kind achieved full space travel, yet?
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Artizte92Hobbyist Traditional Artist
VERY NICE!! :icongrin--plz: :icongrin--plz:
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we'll be the end of us all just wait and see
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babesis1 Artist
at the beginning its all like hitler dictator shit
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7sidedcircleHobbyist Digital Artist
This toon makes me so nostalgic, I used to watch this when I was in primary school... I love the old version of it too, the song was what originally got me into Kaizers Orchestra! It's funny now knowing what the song is actually about; lyrically it has no relation to the cartoon, but it sets the atmosphere for what's going on perfectly.
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deja vu
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