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Gallery Folders

Loken vs Abbaddon by slaine69
Favoured Son of Chaos by Joazzz2
40k:Shhhhh by Jedi-Art-Trick
WIP- Concordia Curze by DavidSondered
Chaos Space Marines
Hoveraboveme1.1 by SDGRAPHICS
Wh40K: Red Corsair Thunderhawk by StugMeister
BaarZul the Hate-Bound by albe75
Alpha Legion Siege Breaker Consul by DarkMechanic
Traitor guard and cultists
Wh40K: Lost and the Damned Armoured Fist by StugMeister
Sessily the renegade by ChaosKarn
Tzeentch Sorceress Lord by CJ-Backman
Inkary's Khornette by Belazikkal
Warhammer 40k Demon by AlexBoca
Dont Messpsd by wll4u

Mature Content

Slaanesh Champion by EdCid
Enemy Engines by ameeeeba
Deathwatch - Titan Comics Alt Cover (sans titles) by DavidSondered
Flight of the Nazgul by Mizaar-me
Warphawks - Stormshrike Fighter by TD-Vice
Defiled by discogangsta
Fantasy Battles
Tzaangor Horde by JakeMurray
Warhammer: Chaos Warrior by MorkarDFC
~The Lord of Goretide~ by Luches
Chaos Dwarf Immortal (2013) by KnightInFlames
Minis and props
Chaos Knight by Rotaken
Chaos Space Marines Sorcerer Ahzek Ahriman by BeatleJulius
++Chaos Champion Ayiaz++ by Belazikkal
Helbrute by FidgetyBudgie




trap vs Morchen colored by imric1251
Mature content
trap vs Morchen colored :iconimric1251:imric1251 106 109
Khorn's terminator by ska-fandr Khorn's terminator :iconska-fandr:ska-fandr 79 39
Submit works to the correct folders in the group. Any work lazily submitted to 'Feature' folder will be turned down, with the sole except that it is from us bigwigs in the group. Do not ask us to submit your work into the feature folder either.

Please and thank you.
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Rules & FAQ


Welcome to Heretics-Undivided, the Warhammer-verse Chaos Fangroup!
What you have to know is this is an elitist, quality-centered group.
While submitting art, Contributors and Members are expected to follow these quidelines:

- Submit only FINISHED, thoroughly rendered artwork
- Submit your BEST
- Evaluate your artwork OBJECTIVELY
- Submit artwork that features the CHAOS faction of Warhammer40k/Warhammer Fantasy. Your piece may contain any other race/faction as long as the Chaos characters play a significant role in it. (PROTIP: Artwork with a Black Templar squashing a World Eater of whom we can see only the backpack outline and a hand doesn't count as Chaos fanart. Artwork with the both engaging in a fully rendered duel, however, does.)

What will be DENIED:

- WIPs
- Half-assed sketches
- Subpar artwork with objective technical failings
- Photomanipulations
- Signatures, stamps, icons, and other "design" stuff


FAQ v. 1.1.

Q: I posted a pencil pic of a Terminator in the Minis and Props section... I'm an idiot, will you categorize my submissions for me?
A: Yes, but two strikes - and you're out.

Q: How do you pick out the artwork, what's the criteria?
A: The criteria is the Founders' taste and sound judgement. You either believe in it's objectivity, or not.

Q: What about miniatures and props? What are the criteria of selection there?
A: The criteria here aren't very different from the artwork folders: objectively evaluate your work if it fits into the club's elitist approach.

Q: That doesn't quite answer my question. Can you be more specific concerning miniatures?
A: Okay, we know not all minis are Golden Demon worthy, but they should at least be well-painted.
A good guideline is that the miniature(s) should at the very least have good shading and highlighting, no visible mould lines, no paint clumping and as little slippage as humanly possible.
The photo of the mini should also be well-lit, in focus and with a neutral background, ie no snapshots of your miniature on your desk!

Also, submission of digital paint-overs of Games Workshop studio miniatures will result in keel-hauling of the persons responsible.

Q: All my submissions are being denied! You're just a bunch of filthy mongrels, I KNOW my art is great!
A: Tough fucking shit.




Chaos Lords




Aspiring Champions




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ChaosKarn Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016
Thank you very much for the add :3
AgentJericho Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you to add me in the group ^^
skillington Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Professional General Artist
TheDarkHeretic Featured By Owner May 15, 2015
Thanks for accepting me :).
d-noin Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey. I want to get any comments or advice about this picture. 
Aspiring Champ. WIP…
Belazikkal Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It depends. Is it going to stay B&W as line art (it has fantastic detail as is to me), then maybe some more line variation to bring some things closer to the viewer (the sword looks fantastic but a little bit more line variation would make it really pop, I think). Add some thickness to the lines of the legs to differentiate it from the cloak. Same with the sword arm. 

If you're going to color it, perhaps develop a background? 

It'd help a bit if you specify what you have envisioned with this piece of art. 
skillington Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Professional General Artist
Belazikkal Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's a duel, but the focus is on the Space Marines, not the Plaguebearer imho. And the daemon seems to be losing, and if that is the case, then it is not suited for Heretics Undivided. 
skillington Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Professional General Artist
Oh well. Just for the record though this particular struggle was based on a kind of sword fighting technique used by the greeks in a very old treatise. The next move would be the deamon twisting his body in a judo type through using the sword as leverage and ending with a point stroke to the clavicle. Truly geeky I know. But honestly the emphasis for me was on the Deamon, hence why the space marine is labelled as "anonoumous space marine". Thanks for the time to reply though.
Belazikkal Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Tbh, that's pretty awesome info, but as said, it doesn't quite convey through the image, imho. Other admins may take a different tack, but I did not see it as such. 

If you'd done it as a series of pictures, like a comic, I think it'd be more obvious, but then again, it'd be no painting. 

I saw you desktop wallpaper version too. That was neat. 
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