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Lycanthrope Club Variant Morph Chart by Heliotroph
Mature content
Lycanthrope Club Variant Morph Chart :iconheliotroph:Heliotroph 98 20
Creatures of the Umbral Plain [Multiple TFs]

Woman to Succubus
Man to Anthro Dragon
Woman to Naga
Sneaking into the summoning chambers was no easy task, which is precisely why the group hadn’t even attempted it. Instead of opting to bring a demon into the world the safe and studied way, the three of them had carved out a summoning circle in the sand roughly two miles out from the hidden school.
But that was okay—they knew what they were doing. Hopefully.
Raina was the one who’d spearheaded the idea, dragging the couple out into the cold desert night to help in her misguided little mission. Not that it absolved them of guilt of course; the two of them were out helping her commit a crime of the highest order—and in an unsafe manner at that.
“Okay,” Marlin said quietly, going over the notes the three of them had made. “We’ve triple checked the lines, all good, have the pronunciation of the chant down, created a second safety crash circle that will break the sum
:icontfghostwriter:TFGhostWriter 37 11
Mature content
The Full Moon Clip :iconconnortf:connortf 23 5
Mature content
Under the Skin :iconconnortf:connortf 31 3
Werewolf by ekeios Werewolf :iconekeios:ekeios 22 0 Wolf Anthro Hand Study by RussellTuller Wolf Anthro Hand Study :iconrusselltuller:RussellTuller 355 12
Werewolf Genre Pet Peeves: Stale Cliches
Hello kiddies!  In the last essay in this series, I talked a bit about some flawed tropes I actually enjoy in the werewolf genre.  I suppose it was a nice break to be slightly positive for once, but I know that you guys want to see me rant about stuff again.  Well, what Moar Boar wants, he gets.
In the original "Pet Peeves," I focused primarily on aspects of the genre that I feel are indicative of cultural issues such as misogyny or genre-level problems.  We'll be shifting gears a bit today and looking and some tropes that aren't inherently bad (mostly), but have just been worn out through overuse.  They're badly in need of a new spin, yet creators seem to be outright afraid to change them, perhaps for fear of going against decades of "tradition."  Yet, you'll likely notice as we go over this list that many of these "traditions" weren't all that good even when they were new.
So get your rubber gloves because we're going to stick our hands into the mound of tired, old cliches putrefying
:iconquebecoiswolf:QuebecoisWolf 56 228
My view of Werewolf Biology (update)
Physical Qualities
Human Features: Werewolves don’t have any distinguishing features that would mark them to any observation, casual or otherwise, while in their human form. They look like anyone else with their normal abnormalities or blemishes that normal humans can have. They can have piercings, tattoos, and even scars or missing limbs, and all of these extra features are shared between the forms. Legends such as equal length middle and index fingers, eyebrows growing together and other such abnormalities are no indication that a person is a werewolf and just as likely to happen to a normal person as a werewolf. It’s all genetics based. Most legends prescribing such features were wives tales invented by frightful people and usually used to persecute innocent people in darker days that either an individual didn’t like or entire towns didn’t.
Werewolves do tend to be more toned looking, but this isn’t always the case as a fat werewolf is just as po
:iconsilverspar:Silverspar 77 15
Notes on Werewolves
Lycanthropes in The Lycanthrope Club
Lycanthropy is associated with an unusual virus that does not fit easily into any exiting taxa. It functions similarly to reverse-transcription VI viruses in that it uses reverse transcriptase to integrate its RNA genome into the host cell genome. However, the virus also contains fragments of RNA that are unique to the genome of the Gray Wolf (mostly non-coding intronic or 3'UTR). These fragments seemingly play no role in the virus's function. The oddest thing about the virus is that the infection itself produces virtually no symptoms and can infect nearly every cell type in the body (most viruses target only specific tissues). Once it enters a cell the virus quietly integrates itself into the host genome and hijacks the cell's machinery into producing more, self-assembling viral particles, which then bud off the cell membrane - all, amazingly, without disturbing the functions of the cells. Furthermore, there appears to be a feedback i
:iconheliotroph:Heliotroph 57 30
Pop Team Epic by Banzchan Pop Team Epic :iconbanzchan:Banzchan 627 11
Mature content
Lycanthrope Club Vignette - Old Wounds Chapter X :iconheliotroph:Heliotroph 22 4
Jamison the Werewolf Girl by alfaluna Jamison the Werewolf Girl :iconalfaluna:alfaluna 271 21 Alexandria 'Crescent Shadows' Fan-Art by alfaluna Alexandria 'Crescent Shadows' Fan-Art :iconalfaluna:alfaluna 205 9 Character Design: Cleopatra Character Study by MeoMai Character Design: Cleopatra Character Study :iconmeomai:MeoMai 1,694 65 Fem!Eugene by MabyMin Fem!Eugene :iconmabymin:MabyMin 4,483 77 The Grafted Xenophobia Promotion by general-sci The Grafted Xenophobia Promotion :icongeneral-sci:general-sci 40 13


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