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sometimes less is more
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to and fro


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through darkened rooms

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sunlight through the clouds can’t be captured, bottled, packaged, or sold


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herkimer 7

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little red

When Red was little, her mother told her about men and wolves and the dangers of the forest. And little Red listened, best she could, but still she fell into trouble. Now she’s older, and she sees more clearly the difference between wolves and men and men who walk like wolves. But, try as she might, she can’t stay away. The forest calls her name.

Fairy Tales Revisited

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And There She Was (RWBY Bumbleby Fic)

(Note: This very short story takes place directly after the events of RWBY V5.) Yang couldn't sleep. She should've been able to. She was exhausted. But sleep would not come. She...was here. Yang could feel her presence. Careful not to wake Ruby, Yang got up and crept to the door. She snuck down the hall to the main room and stopped. They hadn't expected Blake to show up so, of course, they didn't have a room for her. She had insisted the couch was okay. And so, there she was. Like nothing happened. Like she had never been away. Like she hadn't... Yang sighed. Too much had happened tonight: Raven. Cinder. The relic. She couldn't proces

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Ruby Rose

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Diana the Acrobat

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