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[Collab w/ Earthsong9405] Another Kind of Spark

my first collab with :iconearthsong9405: weeee >w<

I'm really not sure how I expected this to turn out, so I can't say whether or not my expectations were met or maybe even surpassed, but this was super fun to do. We had 3 planned so hopefully this won't be the last hehe

you know how Twilight's cutie mark has 5 stars around her big central star? Well of course that's her and her friends who surround her. But, what about the small one right under her big central star??? She got her cutie mark when she hatched Spike, so I think that small star her's obscures is Spike, who had always been her closest companion.^^

Seriously I've been in this fandom for 4 years and I've never seen a single person mention the seventh star on her cutie mark! Anything to avoid giving Spike some love :c

By the way you guys, from this point on Commissions are on a really big sale for the next 30 hours or so only! So if you want to commission me now is the time to do it!!!
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That's  really cute idea.  I never really noticed that there is a star under the center one.
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This is amazing ^^ 
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Oh lucky you who got to do a collab >u<
And it's super awesome thought !
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Since you noticed the seventh star, you might enjoy this fanfiction: The Seventh Star
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Aww!~ <3 Awesome work!
I love details on spike. :D
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Awww... this is adorable! And I love the meaning you put for the smallest star of her cutie mark. And I love the size difference, because it makes him look like a real baby dragon snuggling close to his adoptive mother. :)
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awesome work with the hair and the ilumination : )
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Nice work! Actually, there is a fanfic called...The Seventh Star. It's really good :)
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The detail! THE DETAILS TARZY! :iconinsanetwilightplz:
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Just love your style.
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Wow! That looks sooo good.

Awesome work guys. Er, girls.
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You know, I always figured the other star was just a part of the big one. Like how some other stylized stars will have the brighter burst of points behind them to make them stand out more.

But that is an interesting idea to think about.
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looks kinda cute
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Who's holding the book in the air? Not Twilight.
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burn the whole castle spike show everyone that you are a real dragon and not a wimp :)
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Why is Twilight a Goat? (horses/ponies don't have cloven hooves)
zeepaarden's avatar
She is a unicorn, unicorns have that.
aceman67's avatar
Pretty sure in every lore and mythology I've read, and I'm including Greek and Roman Mythology in this, Unicorns are Horses with a singular horn or multiple horns. I have NEVER ever heard of unicorns having cloven hooves. Cloven hooves are almost entirely lumped into the Goat, Sheep, Pig, ect. animal family trees.
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Go to wikipedia and search unicorn, because they have cloven hoofs. They maybe don't say it that often but unicorns do have that.
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Beautiful job! You did the coloring?
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nnnhharrharharhar very noice she looks like a girl i used to know
great work sur Growing a Mustache on Command 
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