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Mon Mar 26, 2018, 12:19 AM by Xana-Akai:iconxana-akai:

° LORE °

The creation of Eoh Bealdor is so old, that no horse can ever be sure everything is true. How it happened is more a story to tell foals, than the actual history of truth and facts. However in the stories told by many. It is said a long time ago, Sleipnir, Odin’s Horse, and Loki’s Son, decided to watch the world from outside Asgard, Midgard. This place was ruled by humans, and the reaction from the horse gods upon seeing these creatures was strange. They decided to keep watch in silence, to see just what these humans did with horses. It was like this way for a long time, before a conclusion was made. Horse’s were only considered slaves, and many prayed for help from such a life. Many wanted a new start, to be back with families, to be free and happy once again. Many horses wanted all of this, but had never known of a life without humans, and as such even if they were treated poorly. They knew of nothing else, which left Sleipnir sad, feeling truly powerless seeing what was happening.  

Feeling the sadness from his son, Loki, finding the good from within, decided to help the stallion. So after talking with Odin, they decided to create a place for Sleipnir. A place out of time, and somewhere in Midgard, where Sleipnir would be able to build and create. This in itself was how Eoh Bealdor was creating. With the blessings of various Asgard gods, this paradise was a place for horses to be born. It was the year 0 for Eoh Bealdor, signaling its beginning.

Not long after the creation of his new land, Sleipnir decided to find horses who could inhabit it. Walking along in Midgard, the god decided to help the hopeless ones. Those owned by humans, who called and cried out for any help from their abusers. These poor horses knew of nothing but pain and suffering. The only life they ever had was of being a slave. Yet they were overjoyed when Sleipnir came to free them, promising them a new life free of slavery. The numbers of horses who joined Sleipnir’s herd and followed him to Eoh were never know. As sadly the god could not save every horse from humans. Even a god had limits.

The herd began to grow up more and more each day, with Sleipnir as its king. It was a time of unity within this herd, and everyone got along in peace and harmony. Friendly to those who may have been strangers, and were just meeting for the first time. For the next 344 years, it was a blissful time for all. But paradise with mortals could never stay that way for long. As Sleipnir had been gone to long from Asgard, and so Odin called for his return. The horse god had to leave his herd, giving none a word of his departure. Returning to Asgard once again. Soon after his disappearance, panic struck the herd. Their savior and king was gone. Who would guide them?, Who would help them? Who would be the leader to make all of the choices for the herd? Had they done something to upset the god? Was that why Sleipnir had left them? So many questions ran through the herd, and left everyone confused. As chaos slowly fell over Eoh Bealdor, Loki appeared. The god of mischief talked to the horses, telling them that sleipnir was a god. For that reason he could not stay with the mortals, and joined his rightful place between the other gods. He was never going to return to herd and the mortal that now lived on Eoh. Whether it had been the gods intention or not, panic grew even more between the horses. Afraid, they went to ask Loki for help, but he had already disappeared. Leaving the horses all alone, filled with their fear and panic.

As the panic rose, and began to grow more within the herd. A year after Sleipnir’s disappearance, a new horse appeared from nowhere. A cremello stallion, sporting four ears, making him seem strange and ridiculous to the herd. Yet the stallion was noble, and told them he was the son Sleipnir, and would be taking over his father's place. He introduced himself as Fjall, and became the second king of Eoh, after Sleipnir. Bringing back some of the balance to the lands, but he could never fix it completely.

When he died in the year 379, he left behind his people, but also a daughter and two sons. They all wanted to be the next king King of Eoh. No One wished to give up the possibility of the title, and so a war broke out between the siblings. Beorg, a strong smoky black stallion with blue eyes. Decided to leave and make is life up into the mountain, taking his followers with him. Aemenne, the only daughter, a thin cremello mare decided to head to the desert with her followers. Holt, a buckskin tobiano, decided to to join the plains and the forests for his followers. Giving rise to the beginning of the three kingdoms. Wars between the kingdoms were violent, and may horses died. Even years after the death of the first 3 kings, the wars were strong and violent, and had kept the names of the horses who had first created the kingdoms for the names as said kingdoms. 

Many, long years after the war in the year 592. The current king of Beorg Luca, a friendly silver bay stallion. Began to fall in love with Uma a beautiful Chimera of Golden Champagne and Amber Champagne trans mare. She was the current queen who ruled over Aemenne. This was at the time when the war between Beorg and Aemenne began to slowly die down. So by the year 603, an alliance had been created between the two kingdoms. Signaling the end of the very long, and bloody battle. Dya, the current queen of Holt, a palomino blanket appaloosa mare, seeing the peace brought between the two kingdoms. Decided to stop the war against the other two kingdoms as well, but never agreed to an alliance. For the first time since Fjall’s death, Eoh was at peace. Using a potion, Luca and Uma mated, and had foals together, triplets to be in fact. Due to the overwhelming amount of children and struggles at birth, Uma died after giving birth to all of her children, leaving them and Luca alone. Uma’s older brother, Kavir, Amber Champagne stallion, was given the title of king for Aemenne, after his sisters death. Unfortunately though he died a few years later, leaving the next rank of king to Uma and Luca’s Foals. Everyone was fearful another war would break out, as after all there was three of them. Who would get the title as next king? The three siblings were extremely close, and oddly enough only two wanted to be king. Ashur a silver amber champagne stallion and his brother Aqueen a silver black male. Ashur and Aqueen were very close. Where Ashur was very friendly and outgoing, Aqueen was more cold and was seen as a bit of a loner. Alone neither of them made for a good fit as next king. So for the first time two brothers decided to reign the kingdom together. Their sibling Forin, a golden champagne stallion would take the rank for the kingdom of Beorg after Lucas death. Later Forin chose Synn, a dominant white on black mare to be his mate and would also be a second king of Beorg.

Holt had decided to stay, a mysterious and quiet kingdom. Refusing alliances with the other two kingdoms, and always alone. In the year 648 Aemenne and Beorg opened the doors, and for the first time after Fjall’s death. Horses could finally explore different lands, without the worry of war and death. Nevertheless though Holt stayed closed to everyone, and even the horses who resided in the kingdom, never visited other areas.

In the year 656, Kafari, a red roan stallion had access to the throne to become king. He was young, friendly and extremely curious. The young stallion had as dream to explore the world, but he never had the opportunity to follow it until now. As king he could do everything he wanted, even if his people were against it. And so Kafari negotiated with Opal, Greying Black mare, Boerg's second queen. For he wanted an alliance, to be able to travel to different lands. Like Opal and Warin, Chesnut Sabino trans stallion, one of the two kings of Aemenne at the time were doing. With some strange luck, and maybe the curiosity to know Holts better, Opal and even Warin accepted the alliance. Finally giving horses the chance to explore everything.

Yet the people of Holt were against it, and in 667, Kafari was assassinated by his own right hand Frost. Frost, Blue Roan Stallion with Grey Somatic Mutation, had now siezed power over Holt as the new king, and began to kill every horse who was a non resident of Holt. One of Opal’s own daughters had been killed in this horrible slaughter, signalling a new war between Beorg and Holt. The battles were violent, even more violent than in the first wars of Eoh. Every battle between the two kingdoms was a horrid bloodbath. Noticing the weakness from the south of Beorg’s territory in the year 680, Karin, Grullo Blanket Appaloosa stallion, Aemenne’s king decided to take advantage of this weakness. Attacking the more defenseless spot and stealing some of the mountain kingdom for himself and his people.

It was two years later, that Beorg had lost the war between Holt. Forcing its people to hide in the middle of the mountains. While the Holt Kingdom began to feast a new horse made her way to the land by ships. Filled with warriors, powerful and in large numbers. Not expecting this new onslaught, Akira, very orange palomino pangare with black chimera mare, looking exactly like a tiger, and her warriors kicked the holt army out of the plains. Giving this the mare rein in a land she decided to call Mearc. It was then that the fourth kingdom appeared, and it was then that Akira began to learn more about her new land. But also of the three other kingdoms belonging to others. Deciding to make sure she would rein for a long time, the mare took an immortality potion. Staying the king of Mearc for a long time, but during her rein. She created an alliance with Beorg in trade for a few plains. It was the year 700 that she created the alliance between Holt and Aemenne. So that once again all of Eoh was available to the horses to travel, without fear of death. This time the Holt people accepted it. 44 years after this peaceful treaty was created. Akira took a ship, and began to travel with some horses, never returning. Changing the kings of Mearc for the first time since it creation. Leaving this lands to be taken over by two kings, two siblings, like Beorg had done years ago. Wanting to follow this trent, Holt to soon took on two kings as well. But this came many years later in 749.

Many years later, peace still held within the kingdoms. But strange horses outside of Eoh started to arrive. In the year 886, the king of Beorg Redra, Blood Bay Stallion, was slowly becoming crazy. Most likely paranoid, thinking a young stallion would come to kill him in his sleep. So he assigned one of his sons, Hrindul, Silver Black chimera Blue Roan stallion, leads of the guards to protect him during the night. But the old stallion was nothing like he had been before. The powerful and strong king was now weak, and had become insane and paranoid with his old age. The kingdom started to become unstable due to this, and wars between other kingdoms could appear because of the king. Hrindul tried to convince his father to leave the throne for a younger horse to take his place. But believing Hrindul wanted to take the throne, Redra attacked his own son. The younger stallion tried to reason his father, but their was nothing he could do. Come the end, Hrindul finished by killing his own father. From the shadows watching this since the beginning, a young stallion appeared. His name was Ragnarök, Black with Reverse brindle Splash stallion, young, courageous, manipulative and very charismatic. He soon became king, and rumours about how he appeared soon followed after. It was rumoured he had killed the previous king of Holt, and even did damages in Mearc... But who will follow rumors, after all?
During this time the second king of Beorg, Franc, Greying Silver Black stallion, died suddenly during a whiteout while traveling the mountain. So his mother Ala, Greying Black mare, took the throne in his place. This caused some issues as Ava and Ragnarök were never close, and even fought far to often. But due to this relation, the Kingdom found some stability, both kings completed each other. 

In the land of Aemenne, in the year 888, the two reigning kings of the kingdom were tyrannical rulers. It was Framar, dominant white on chesnut stallion, and his mate, Kiba, Flaxen liver chesnut stallion. Hated by their people due to their violent and aggressive natures. The two stallions had ruled for nearly 20 years, and had pushed their people to hate every horse different from them. Hates those who were chimeric, hated those who were brindle, bider marks, Manchado, hated Skewed Roan and so on. The king wanted different horses to be killed as soon as they were born. Horses with rare mutations, and even deformities took to the caves to hide. So even left the kingdom seeking another where they could call home. But this did not last long, as if by the calls and cries from those who had been persecuted and killed for being different. Two stallions and their herd appeared in Aemenne, comming from the sea. Kara, Blood Bay stallion and Armeus, Red Dun chimera Black stallion, they along with the herd that followed were of unique and special mutations. They had one goal, and that was to become kings, and to do so they would need to kill the current rulers. Doing so was easy, and the war was brief. They soon killed the tyrants of the land and became seen as not only the kings but heros.

Within the lands of Mearc, things were calm. No war had happened in the peaceful kingdom for years. Leaving those that lived within it becoming fat and lazy, sleeping the grass with no fear. Food was plentiful all year, and little predators lived in the area. Everything was good and bright until the year 886. When Sereno, Smoky Grullo Roan stallion, became the king, after the death of his father. Even if the lazy stallion had ever wanted the position. Ashmundr had also became king for the same reason, even if he had just been a guard of the previous king. Both stallion were happy and lazy and Ashmundr even married.

Holt stayed secretive as it had always been but was more open than it had been in the earlier years. The two kings Krone, big Black stallion, and Fyr, Smoky Black stallion, were serious and secretive horses. Fyr was Krones half brother. But all was good between them and life was easy, the lands were peaceful and the people enjoyed their kings reign. However come the year 885, Krone was murdered and the culprit was never found. His mate Vorka, Dunalino Blanket Apaaloosa mare, was heart broken and it broke Fyr inside witnessing it, but also the miss of his brother. Not long after the whole incident the stallion disappeared and was never found. Rumours spoke of him killing himself, by jumping into the sea. Unable to handle his brothers death and the broken Vorka. Now being the only one left, the mare was chosen to become the queen of Holt. But in Fyr's side, he had no mare, no offspring, and no other siblings. Noone close that could be chosen to be the next king of Holt. Until a strong warrior was chosen, Caldo, Chesnut stallion. He came to be at the side of Vorka as the next king. While it was never proven, word spread that said the two horses were in love. Whether if it was true or not, would never be known.

We now sit in the year 891. In this year, a new law was decreed in the lands of Eoh; slavery is banished. Slaves are now free, and slavers put in jail... But rumors of groups in the dark are still persistents...
Suddently, the current kings and queens that had ruled over all of Eoh and its kingdoms disappeared. It was said the Sleipnir appeared before Ava, Kara, Ashmundr and Caldo in a dream. Asking them to cross the sea for a reason unknown to any.
Really affected by the loose of Ashmundr, Sereno decided to leave his rank of king, leaving Mearc whitout any king. Armeus was extremely sad and depressed, he close the door of his room, and did not come out. Vorka was broken, again, she loose for the second time her loved one... But this time, she was pregnant. In the middle of all this sadness, rumors say that when Ragnarök was told about Ava's disappearence, he started smiling..

Now all the kingdoms sit without a king, and Mearc whitout king at all, who will lead the horses of Eoh?

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