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Status : Applications are OPEN! Game is fully running again. 

Hello there!

The Herd of the Sleipnir is a horse based Art RPG game where you create a leader, choose their kingdom and there your journey begins within the world of Eoh.
The game gives you incredible freedom and many activities for you to build, develop and create your own plot for your lead horse and
their herd.

But beware, this land has may dangers your leader will face, including: Vikings, Helheim spawn, monsters and other mythical creatures!

Note:  This ARPG is 16+


The creation of Eoh Bealdor is so old, that no horse can ever be sure everything is true.
How it happened is more a story to tell foals, than the actual history of truth and facts. However in the stories told by many. It is said a long time ago, 
Sleipnir, Odin’s Horse, and Loki’s Son, decided to watch the world from outside Asgard, Midgard.
This place was ruled by humans, and the reaction from the horse gods upon seeing these creatures was strange. They decided to keep watch in silence, to see just what these humans did with horses. It was like this way for a long time, before a conclusion was made. Horse’s were only considered slaves, and many prayed for help from such a life. Many wanted a new start, to be back with families, to be free and happy once again.

Many horses wanted all of this, but had never known of a life without humans, and as such even if they were treated poorly. They knew of nothing else, which left Sleipnir sad, feeling truly powerless seeing what was happening
[...]  [Read The Lore HERE]


Mearc      Holt      Beorg      Aemenne

Click on any Crest to read more about its Kingdom!

The Horse of August is Leo!

Leo and his love Ava can be seen everywhere through out the land, often running into dangerous adventures, rescuing unfortunate horses/animals in need and making a lot of new friends!
The light grey stallion is a true leader with huge heart, friendly but strong yet still soft. He always stand up for what he believes in and guards others if needed. He is someone you'd want by your side.

Congratulations indeed to this fine lead!
Vote for the next horse of the month here : Voting

Some work of our great winner!
Mystery Of The Egg  by Ali-CatswildFamily Time  by Ali-Catswild
A Million Dreams by Ali-CatswildLord Of Dragons  by Ali-CatswildAn Eye For An Eye by Ali-Catswild

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Countdown to Season Change

Countdown ended
Friday, May 31st @ 3:00pm

Year : 893

Season :First Month of Winter

Would you all like a Blind Date Event this year? Blind dating is where your lead meets another lead and they can have a foal together or find one. Its magic, of course if your horse is the same gender thats also no problem. (more info in comments) 

12 deviants said Yes
3 deviants said No
2 deviants said I want to see results.
No deviants said I might enter (select this if you have comments or questions)


Please read our affiliation rules if you'd like any user made breed to become canon in the HotS RPG!
We will affiliate with any role-play groups that have been around for at least two months and have at least 10 members :heart:


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TigerLilyDesign Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2021
I am definitely joining this! Let me make my horse! And it can be any breed right? And every new horse is a lead for a heard right? Also some horses have horns, do you have to buy those?
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empiredog Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2021   General Artist
Hello, the group is indeed open again! foxdog2 and I are working on things, so some links may be broken as we navigate Eclipse changes. If you have any questions feel free to ask below or join the discord! That's where we post the most up to date announcements as DA doesn't let us update journals anymore. (We cant have a news journal)

Some recent changes: Please use the SUBMIT HERE folder to submit group activities. If it needs rolls, rng, responses etc, put your artwork or literature in that folder. DA doesnt always show us notifications!

The current event, Shizuka x Mearc war is also open for the next while (No determined end date yet) and you may participate is March 2020's Monthly Challenge, 'Blood Rain' until the end of February. We will release a new MC after that date.

AuctionHorses Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a question about wait time when submitting quest art, the first drawing I submitted took one and a half month to get through having to resubmit it once, the second one was submitted the first time back in march of 2019 expired and resubmitted expired a second time and at that point I had taken a haitus from dA, slowly starting to come back now I resubmitted it a third time which now also expired and has now been resubmitted a fourth time, my question is is this long a wait time common? or am I just having extremely bad luck with timing of my submissions? 
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UmbraCrux Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This seems interesting, are you still active?
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Lycandemon666 Featured By Owner May 25, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi. I just wanted to let you know every time I click on the Genetics file. I get this Oops the page you were looking for doesn't exist.
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