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Old work number two

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Another old comic. This one I came up with because those commercials used to pop up a lot.

For those of you who dont' know, this is a spoof of those "Anti-Drug" commercials. In those commercials, they would show something like a kid sitting at a curb looking depressed followed by a voiceover saying "Just tell your parents you didn't pick him up because you were getting stoned. They'll understand."
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AspiePieStampsStudent Digital Artist


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Thanks TVTropes!
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That's actually funny.
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SunnySpells11Hobbyist Artist
Drugs are bad, m'kay?
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MDtector5Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Old, but funny :)
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DreigonixHobbyist Digital Artist
Yep. TV Tropes, and I quote: "Even *Mario* isn't safe from this... of course, the magic mushroom gags are way too easy."
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We all found this on TV Tropes :P
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Ok this is awesome, just awesome
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I have three things to say here.

First, I found this via TV Tropes. Naturally.

Second, this is one of the most amazing things ever.

Third, your dA icon is awesome. X3
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I wonder who put this on the TVTropes page that so many people found this.
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I'd like to know that, too.

I'd also like to know more about your dA avatar, though. =3
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The dA avatar is from :iconlizardbeth:

Maybe someone saw it as a spoof and put it in since they discussed those above the influence ads?
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lizardbeth seems to be a skilled artist -- and apparently the create of a webcomic, to boot. My icon was drawn by :iconrickgriffin:, himself the creator of a webcomic and well-known furry artist. I don't think either artist is done complete justice by dA's 50x50 pixel avatars. :)

And obviously that's why they included a link to this artwork on TV Tropes. Who doesn't like a good anti-drug spoof with Mario (or without him, technically), right? :)
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Yep I could recognize RickG's style. X3

And yeah I had to resize it so it could fit in deviantART's 50x50 size. Least the animation carried over.
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faved.(=werechu) i got here from tv tropes too.
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AuraGuardianHadouHobbyist Writer
XD Would you beleive i found this on TV Tropes?

Nice work
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I found it there too!!! :XD:
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ianoliviaHobbyist Artist
so did i!
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Scare 'em straight! XD
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One word: rofl
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Oh lord, I hated those commercials. >< The one with the grandma was the worst.
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o damn. you rule :D

video games fight for supremacy among habit-forming drugs xD with guilt trips, no less.
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rentintentProfessional Writer
Hahaha! Awesome.
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DeadPhoenXProfessional Digital Artist
Holy crap that's funny :rofl:!!!
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