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A Clockwork Orange Tribute 3

Part 2. [link]
Part 1. [link]
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Clockwork orange is not for emos like you
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Do you really find this photograph emo...?
I believe it's amazing. I can sense the psychosis, although I prefer the part 2 the most.
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Love it! Alex was beautifully portrayed in this photo. Just love it!
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We should have sex sometime.
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jk. but you're pretty.
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I absolutely love this!! I havent seen the movie yet, but the book was amazing :)
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is that the same blade or just somerandom knife? still, and awesome pic, no doubt!
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just a knife
Why yes indeed. This style is original; that is, when Kubrick did it.
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i love this image, the photography, colours, lighting, expression... i could go on...

and the model is so hot!! :blush:

perfect tribute!!
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loool, thanks so much =)
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