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ORP Orzel 1816 by Herakleides ORP Orzel 1816 :iconherakleides:Herakleides 0 0 ORP Pogon' 1829 by Herakleides ORP Pogon' 1829 :iconherakleides:Herakleides 0 0 DD ORP Krakowiak 1955 by Herakleides DD ORP Krakowiak 1955 :iconherakleides:Herakleides 1 0 DD ORP Kozak 1953 by Herakleides DD ORP Kozak 1953 :iconherakleides:Herakleides 2 0 ORP Aeronauta 1931 by Herakleides ORP Aeronauta 1931 :iconherakleides:Herakleides 1 0 B ORP Zygmunt August 1903 by Herakleides B ORP Zygmunt August 1903 :iconherakleides:Herakleides 1 0 B ORP Stefan Batory 1899 by Herakleides B ORP Stefan Batory 1899 :iconherakleides:Herakleides 3 3 CL ORP Kamieniec 1933 by Herakleides CL ORP Kamieniec 1933 :iconherakleides:Herakleides 0 0 CL ORP Kamieniec 1932 by Herakleides CL ORP Kamieniec 1932 :iconherakleides:Herakleides 0 0 CL ORP Kamieniec 1916 by Herakleides CL ORP Kamieniec 1916 :iconherakleides:Herakleides 0 0 CL ORP Kamieniec 1921 by Herakleides CL ORP Kamieniec 1921 :iconherakleides:Herakleides 0 0 CL ORP Kamieniec 1915 by Herakleides CL ORP Kamieniec 1915 :iconherakleides:Herakleides 0 0 CL ORP Kamieniec 1914 by Herakleides CL ORP Kamieniec 1914 :iconherakleides:Herakleides 0 3 Julie by Herakleides Julie :iconherakleides:Herakleides 2 0 Antianeira, commander of Amazons 54mm by Herakleides Antianeira, commander of Amazons 54mm :iconherakleides:Herakleides 5 1 ORP Praga 1924 by Herakleides ORP Praga 1924 :iconherakleides:Herakleides 9 0


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ORP Orzel 1816
Continue with AU designs.

First ships of the recreated Commonwealth Navy were Cruizer-class sloops. First two were ordered in 1813, and further seven were built or bought completed from British after the end of Napoleonic Wars.
Those were named OORP Orzeł, Żelazny Wilk, Kurlandia, Archanioł, Żmudź, Militiades, Ryga, Sokół and Thanatos.

Most of them were lost, scrapped or sold before 1830, except of Militiades and Sokół that served in Caribbean until 1837-8.
ORP Pogon' 1829
Another of my AU ships - ORP Pogoń

The success of Greek steam ship Karteria during their war of independence rose interest in The Commonwealth Naval Department on this new and revolutionary propulsion method. They quickly realised that on confined waters of Baltic it could offer massive advantages over both traditional sail ships and galleys used both by Russians and Swedes. As result, two ships, ORP Korona and ORP Pogoń were ordered in British yards in 1828 and delivered in 1829. Initial tests proven very promising and in the next year two more, OORP Gryf and Kijów were constructed in Ryga under supervision of British shipwrights. Obviously, steam plant was still British made, but guns came from Royal Arsenals in Warsaw and Wilno.
Korona ran aground near Ventspils port during a storm in 1831 and was destroyed by resulting fire. Remains were later scrapped. Other ships took part in the Courland War (1832-33). Their contribution was vital in ravaging Russian trade, while being usually capable outrunning pursuing Russians. Pogoń was especially effective. Under the command of captain Dinhoff, she managed the most daring operation - on the night 14/15 March 1833 they captured Russian 44-gun frigate Amfitrida anchored close to the port of Parnawa and managed to return home with the prize. Only one was lost, on 22 October 1832 Gryf was cornered by two 5th rates and two steamships. After fierce clash, Polish ship was sunk, though not before it severely damaged Russian flagship Yunona. Kijów was broken up in 1835, while Pogoń was sold to a private owner.

While armed with only 8 guns, 6 of those were the biggest available - 68-pounder carronades, while other two were 32-pounders, giving those ships great firepower up close.
Speed under steam: 8 kts
DD ORP Kozak 1953

End of The World War (1.IX.1947) saw PLK Commonwealth severely weakened. While a simple survival of the Soviet invasion can be seen as a massive victory, just as well as the fact that threat of US nuclear bombs finally put an end to bloodshed and revived old concept of status quo peace, the war ravaged eastern half of the country, while communist sponsored rebels took control in Polish East Africa. On Madagascar rebels were contained, but civil war was to continue for many years to come.

Navy, formerly pride of the state, was in tatters. Many ships were lost, but most importantly, post war reconstruction of the country forced massive cuts to naval budget. Almost all capital ships were scrapped or mothballed. Number of smaller ships was also greatly reduced and all new constructions were put on hold or cancelled. It took almost two years for the first new ones to begin.

Finally, in 1949 a new class of destroyers was authorized. Ships were designed to be effective in “small war” that dominated during World War in Baltic. But they also needed to be fast enough to operate with fleet task forces at home and overseas, be able to engage land targets and hunt submarines. Drawing onto war experience, decision was made to equip those ships with strong AA battery, to help them survive in zones saturated with aircraft, like Baltic. As result of all those requirements, Kozak class ships were to be bigger than any other DD leader in PLKC Navy and by many seen as a small scout cruiser rather than typical DD.  

As result, twin 12cm turrets recently developed by Cegielski Engineering were picked as main armament. Extremely advanced at the date of design, they were automatically loaded, resulting in fire ratio around 40 shells per minute.

Those guns were supplemented by 3in AA guns MK33 obtained from USA and 6 newest Bofors 40mm L70 AA guns. Two triple 533mm torpedo launchers were mounted on the sides amidships. They were capable of launching various torpedoes, from well tested and reliable wz.38 and wz.43 to newest homing TNN-52A (surface targets) and TNP-51C (ASW). Usually the middle tube housed ASW torpedo.

Initially six were planned but as the fast paced progress in aviation (widespread use of jet engines) and missile technology quickly reduced importance of AA artillery, only first batch of three were finished. All of them received names of inhabitants of regions of the Commonweatlh beginning with letter K: Kozak  Kaszub and Kujawiak. Second batch, planned to be laid down in 1951 were initially delayed pending reassessment and later cancelled in favor of new design.

Despite that, the class was considered a success, one of the reasons being that massive, long range bombers were not what PLKC Navy feared most. Instead, a swarm of light planes attacking at low altitude was seen as a main threat, especially as Soviets shown that they are ready to sacrifice multiple pilots and planes to achieve a goal, bombing in large groups from various directions.

ORP Kozak was laid down in Royal Naval Yard in Riga in August 1949, launched in September 1950 and completed in May 1952, ORP Krakowiak was laid down in Gdańsk Naval Yard in December 1949, launched in November 1950 and completed in June 1952 finally ORP Kurlandczyk was laid down in Vickers-Ventspils in January 1950, launched in March 1951 and completed in December 1952.

Colour variant:

 Full springsharp report:

ORP Kozak, PLK Commonwealth destroyer laid down 1949

    2 939 t light; 3 081 t standard; 3 619 t normal; 4 050 t full load

Dimensions: Length (overall / waterline) x beam x draught (normal/deep)
    (443,49 ft / 432,50 ft) x 41,01 ft x (13,98 / 15,21 ft)
    (135,17 m / 131,83 m) x 12,50 m  x (4,26 / 4,64 m)

      6 - 4,72" / 120 mm 50,0 cal guns - 55,82lbs / 25,32kg shells, 150 per gun
      Dual purpose guns in deck and hoist mounts, 1950 Model
      3 x Twin mounts on centreline ends, majority aft
        1 raised mount aft - superfiring
      6 - 3,00" / 76,2 mm 50,0 cal guns - 14,29lbs / 6,48kg shells, 450 per gun
      Auto rapid fire guns in deck and hoist mounts, 1950 Model
      2 x Twin mounts on centreline, forward evenly spread
        2 raised mounts
      1 x Twin mount on sides, aft deck centre
        1 raised mount
      6 - 1,57" / 40,0 mm 70,0 cal guns - 2,19lbs / 0,99kg shells, 1 500 per gun
      Anti-air guns in deck mounts, 1948 Model
      2 x Single mounts on sides, evenly spread
        2 raised mounts
      2 x Twin mounts on centreline, aft evenly spread
        2 raised mounts
      Weight of broadside 434 lbs / 197 kg
      6 - 21,0" / 533 mm, 21,50 ft / 6,55 m torpedoes - 1,512 t each, 9,070 t total
    In 2 sets of deck mounted side rotating tubes

    Oil fired boilers, steam turbines,
    Geared drive, 2 shafts, 69 233 shp / 51 648 Kw = 35,00 kts
    Range 4 500nm at 20,00 kts
    Bunker at max displacement = 969 tons

    233 - 303

    £2,934 million / $11,736 million

Distribution of weights at normal displacement:
    Armament: 129 tons, 3,6%
       - Guns: 120 tons, 3,3%
       - Torpedoes: 9 tons, 0,3%
    Machinery: 1 614 tons, 44,6%
    Hull, fittings & equipment: 980 tons, 27,1%
    Fuel, ammunition & stores: 680 tons, 18,8%
    Miscellaneous weights: 216 tons, 6,0%
       - Hull above water: 50 tons
       - On freeboard deck: 74 tons
       - Above deck: 92 tons

Overall survivability and seakeeping ability:
    Survivability (Non-critical penetrating hits needed to sink ship):
      1 196 lbs / 542 Kg = 22,7 x 4,7 " / 120 mm shells or 0,5 torpedoes
    Stability (Unstable if below 1.00): 1,01
    Metacentric height 1,3 ft / 0,4 m
    Roll period: 14,9 seconds
    Steadiness    - As gun platform (Average = 50 %): 49 %
            - Recoil effect (Restricted arc if above 1.00): 0,41
    Seaboat quality  (Average = 1.00): 0,55

Hull form characteristics:
    Hull has rise forward of midbreak,
      a straight bulbous bow and small transom stern
    Block coefficient (normal/deep): 0,511 / 0,525
    Length to Beam Ratio: 10,55 : 1
    'Natural speed' for length: 22,25 kts
    Power going to wave formation at top speed: 67 %
    Trim (Max stability = 0, Max steadiness = 100): 89
    Bow angle (Positive = bow angles forward): 25,00 degrees
    Stern overhang: 1,50 ft / 0,46 m
    Freeboard (% = length of deck as a percentage of waterline length):
                Fore end,     Aft end
       - Forecastle:    12,00%,  20,34 ft / 6,20 m,  18,04 ft / 5,50 m
       - Forward deck:    24,00%,  18,04 ft / 5,50 m,  16,40 ft / 5,00 m
       - Aft deck:    49,00%,  10,66 ft / 3,25 m,  10,66 ft / 3,25 m
       - Quarter deck:    15,00%,  10,66 ft / 3,25 m,  10,66 ft / 3,25 m
       - Average freeboard:        13,23 ft / 4,03 m
    Ship tends to be wet forward

Ship space, strength and comments:
    Space    - Hull below water (magazines/engines, low = better): 158,1%
        - Above water (accommodation/working, high = better): 123,3%
    Waterplane Area: 12 225 Square feet or 1 136 Square metres
    Displacement factor (Displacement / loading): 91%
    Structure weight / hull surface area: 54 lbs/sq ft or 266 Kg/sq metre
    Hull strength (Relative):
        - Cross-sectional: 0,72
        - Longitudinal: 0,91
        - Overall: 0,73
    Hull space for machinery, storage, compartmentation is cramped
    Room for accommodation and workspaces is excellent
    Caution: Lacks seaworthiness - very limited seakeeping ability

ORP Aeronauta 1931
Late incarnation of ORP Stefan Batory ( - as ORP Aeronauta, hulk of Naval Aviation School in Parnawa. Painted in disruptive camo at the onset of German War (1930-33) and soon armed with strong AA guns to serve as additional port defence. Bombed and sunk on 29.08.1931

-2x2 280mm, 18x1 150mm, 8x1 100mm and 2x18 underwater torpedo tubes, engines removed
+1x2 100mm HA, 3x3 30mm AA, 1x1 57mm AA


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