When Tinkerbel pisses off the Russians

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When Tinkerbel pisses off the Russians
The Swedish Eurovision semi-final was aired this Saturday, and the winning song became a flashy, crispy opera/pop blend. Think Sarah Brightman meets Kate Ryan and you’re somewhat there. Nothing like the last few years model 1A pop songs. And it’s a song I like and which I think might stand a good chance in the international final, even if it’s probably not a winner. But Malena, the singer, with her dark pop voice and wide ranged opera voice and a way to go trough the TV screen is sure gonna make an imprint whoever wins the final. (Norway is a hot tip there)

But it wasn’t Malena who made the largest impact with our Eastern neighbour who’s hosting the final this year after last year’s win. It was Tingeling (Tinkerbel) the pause act, which has developed like a kind of storyette from imaginary ESC flop to a satire over the Russian people and their taste in music. R-pop, Mafia, Babushka dolls, dancing bears, tacky clad women, Soviet kitsch et cetera. Some more or less well known prejudices about Russia in the west.

And the Russians weren’t happy of course. Their ambassador was pissed and had an outburst at the National TV, which leaders just shrugged, giggled and filed that under “all press is good press even the bad press”. Save for a poor project manager who felt that he had put his foot in the mouth and sent a consolidation flower to the Russian embassy. But the TV managers refused to “stand behind that flower”, making themselves a part of the entertainment as well.

This seems to be a true sign of the 00:s. That the entertainment does not stop when the program ends and the sets are turned off, the way it used to in the 20:th century. Now the drama continues IRL and in the news and on blogs and journals like this. And we all become actors more or less. From the Russian ambassador to the man in the street who got to say his five words to the tabloid press. Or – yours truly who can't help scribbling this thing down!

See the Tingeling here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWo6Db…

Murderess or angel of Mercy
In May last year a little girl is born, 15 weeks too early. And she suffers from a lack of oxygen and gets severe brain damages. The doctors soon find that she can never lead a healthy life. That she will never even be able to live trough her first birthday. And never outside an artificial womb. So together with the parents the doctors decided to switch of the artificial womb and breather. Before that to avoid it to become too painful the doctors give her morphine and another sleeping potion. But apparently too much, and today the doctor who gave the baby the last shot is accused of murder, because the shot was lethal, not the removal of the artificial breather.

And this has once again raised the debate in Sweden about euthanasia, terminating a life out of mercy. Something which is done to animals every day, but have had hard to be accepted as a gift at the end of the life for a human being. In this question I belong to the minority who is pro. If I get old and really sick one day, with terminal cancer or smth and knowing that the only thing lying ahead of me is pain pain pain and then death, I'd welcome a help across the border.

I have by a way a relative who was in that very situation some 15 years ago. The cancer had spread trough his body and there were no cure. The doc could only give him one more year, and that year would be dreadful. He chose not to accept that year, but took his hunting rifle out to his favourite place on his estates, by the lake and sat down and helped himself across there. Before that he had written his will, paid all the debts and taken care of all the rest of his businesses.

But everyone can't help him- or herself across the way my relative did, they might be tied to a bed and life support and they have to trust others. Docs that cannot help them, only dull the worse pain.  I know this is controversial, but I wish there was a help for these people too.

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Thanks again my Hera for the new feature!!!!!!:bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:
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Much welcome, dearest, it was well deserved
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thank you soooo much for the awesome feature among these other great pieces * goes and looks through them all :D*

thank you again ^_^
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Much welcome, it was well deserved :heart:
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It was well deserved! :iconeufrosis:
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Thanx for the feature!!!!
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:rofl: that Ruski slapstick was among the funnies I've seen this side of the fall of the Berlin wall!
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Cool stuff and wonderful feature!
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I wish I watched it, cant check the video as i am monitoring my bandwidth ..
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Too bad, perhaps you can check it from somewhere else. At work perhaps. Because IMO it's so lighthearted and fun!
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Thanks (((hugs))) Thank you :hug:
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