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Garbo movie
One of Sweden's greatest actresses ever - Greta Garbo - will have her life turned into film. The shooting of the movie will start next year and it sure is cool that a Swede will starr as Greta. Her name is Anna Karin Eskil and she has been seen doing minor supporting characters in Sex And The City and the likes but have never really breaked before now when she beat Uma Thurman to the role.

Other "real people" who's life will be filmed in the near future are Elvis, Mata Hari and Mohammed. How they're going to get around the fact that the latter can't be pictured sure beats me!

It's all about features
I joined two of those feature chain mails so I'm gonna feature 34 people here. Yeah, you heard me! 34!

So if you want to be one of those 34 all you have to do is replying here and put  the  :iconmonkeydanceplz: in your post so I know you're in for the feature and not just wanna discuss bunnies with machine guns. (Not that I have any clue why someone would like to discuss that subject but just in case…)

You have one week to go from NOW - and I'm not going to reply immediately because I'm gonna be gone for a couple of days.

And here are some art from those lovely ladies who featured me:
:thumb92244656: :thumb81153457: :thumb95062976:

and :iconwhitebook:
The Water Book by WhiteBook Destiny... by WhiteBook
- oh and there's a 4th one in my shoutbox :)

Besides I've been very expressive this week - here are some things I've apparently have said in this community:

The latest emot-harvest
:iconimlovingitplz: :iconkimberely: :iconhyperglompplz: :iconyoureverywelcome: :iconxxxmagandaxxx: :iconhugglemistress: :iconclaudiaconstantino:

The regular Museum of Good Art - this week's feature
Northwest Passage by MichaelO your presence still lingers... by AF-studios Skytrain Complex by Hideyoshi Heart of the Ocean by NadavDov Cherry Road by Baro :thumb77837442: :thumb98726857: Aquarius eye by ftourini Calm waters -Greece by StamatisGR Light trying to escape II by Lajos-Toth :thumb98618728: Medusa by mattwatier Rainbow in the water by littlemisskirby Eve-02 by Shikijiyu Aqua Zodiac by xeena-dragonkizz Towers 2 by diegoreales :thumb99020373: Chopper WIP4 - Geometry by kheng Sky Driving by Aeoll Peacock Dreams by sammykaye1 :thumb98977847: :thumb96520049: :thumb98956048: :thumb95593543: Tears of Atlantis-Crescendo by azurylipfe Enchanted eyes by CindysArt :thumb96833063: PLATINUM by Rickbw1

Mature Content

Visit from Space...8 by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM
Geisha by shadowpaintedwhite :thumb98959830: The Hybrid by Funerium Autumn Tear by Alienette amour de beaute by ladydesign Candles and roses by Thaloanthe :thumb98463270: This is Sparta by Valerhon :thumb98914065: Splash 2 by zbyg

Her idea of humans...
One Gorilla's Opinion by tom2001

Music played:
  • New Modern Angels - Strange Thing
    • OneTwo - Sister
      • Neuropa - New Tomorrow
        • Yakov Oskanov - Kundalini
          • Kate Ryan - Ella Ella
            • Infernal - Burning up
              • System - Out of Options
                • Gender -Like a Machine
                  • Ven Bravi - Cannot Last Forever
                    • Null Device - Travelogue
                      • Information Society- More to This
                        • Qntal - Summer
                          • Rihanna - Disturbia
                            • Univaque - Nothing Can be Saved
                              • Nouveau Riche - It's my party

Some fine clubs:
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:bye: for now!

Fly me to the moon
And let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars....

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 //// Liftoff.....
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MelGama's avatar
Thank you sooooooooo much for the feature! :smooch:
Hera-of-Stockholm's avatar
SpartanNinja's avatar
The Elvis film would be cool. But I agree, how're they gonna do Mohammed? Perhaps from his perspective (his eyes being the cam)

:iconmonkeydanceplz: me !!! :blowkiss:
Hera-of-Stockholm's avatar
Yeah Elvis is almost always cool. Save for when he got fat in his last years
SpartanNinja's avatar
bjmac's avatar
That's cool! :D
damaskangel's avatar
Mata Hari should be interesting. :)
:icondancingmonkeyplz: Or we could talk about bunnies with machine guns too. :giggle:
Hera-of-Stockholm's avatar
Yeah - that'd be cool. Perhaps we could figure out why they carry machin guns in the first hand. :D
waterspirirtjess's avatar
kheng's avatar
Thankyou for the feature,

Im truly honored :)
Ratafluke's avatar
Hera-of-Stockholm's avatar
:nod: that and keep your eyes open, you're up for the next journal!
Ratafluke's avatar
Tack så mycket! :D
CindysArt's avatar
Åh tack snälla goa du för featuren!!! Jag såg inte dit inlägg förren nu. :glomp:
Jag är så efter här så du anar inte. Håller på och försöker beta av lite nu.
Håller på med ett annat jobb nu. Till en svensk fotograf.... och det är så himla svårt att hinna med allt här inne också ha ha....
Men jag får skärma mig =D

Tack igen :heart:
Hera-of-Stockholm's avatar
Vassego' o det gör inget. Jag är oxå superduperefter! Var i Venedig o kommer tillbaka till 600 inlägg o typ 1000 bilder att kolla på! :omfg: :faint:
CindysArt's avatar
O ja du.......jag vet hur det där är.......lite jobbigt faktiskt.
Hera-of-Stockholm's avatar
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