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Hello! :wave:

Please read our submission rules!

This group is dedicated ONLY to women and especially those who have beautiful long -or mi-long- hair. All media are accepted as long as the woman depicted has long hair. ;) Some quality is needed also and nudity is accepted. :heart: Rejected deviations that don't reach our quality criteria will be added to the Favourites.
Hope you will enjoy visiting the group's gallery! :dance:
PS.: Big thanks to RoseEmma who made the group icon and to CarolineZenker who let us use one of her pictures. :heart:

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Art Collection

6,526 Members
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Here you'll find the rules about submissions

General rules applied to any category

:bulletred: We are interested into women only. This means that we do not wish to showcase artworks in which there is also a man or a child. Just women, please.
:bulletred: The woman must look like an adult. This point is particularly important for the Mangastyle gallery. If she rather looks like a teenager than an adult, this won't work.
:bulletred: The hair must be long. It can arrive to the shoulder, but we prefer it to be a little longer, so there will be no confusion and this will be easier to decide. Otherwise, you can give a try to SexyShortHair. ;)
:bulletred: Quality is important. Check out our quality criterias below:

Quality criterias

:bulletred: Good composition and good balance of colours are important.
:bulletred: No childish features characters, no chibi as well.
:bulletred: No caricature. The more photorealistic, the better.
:bulletred: If you're focusing only on the character, make sure the design is worked a lot and doesn't remain simple.
:bulletred: Hair must look nice and visible in the picture! Not blurred or unclear.
:bulletred: Your artwork must not seem to be flat.

Quality criterias more specific to the photography galleries

:bulletred: No blurred pictures.
:bulletred: No random selfportraits taken with a webcam or a bad cellphone.
:bulletred: No amateur portraits with a random background :pointr: We are looking for something artistical from you.

Quality criterias more specific to the traditional art gallery

:bulletred: Make sure, if you pictured you drawing/painting, that the picture itself doesn't ruin the general impression of what you've made.

Quality criterias more specific to the photomanipulation gallery

:bulletred: The character must be well inserted.
:bulletred: The perspective must be correct.

Gallery Folders

# The snow by Mishkina
Dark Galaxy by lizzys-photos
Maiden moon by melusineistross
Ramuma by jolakotturinn
Jessie (5) by diddydave
Nikki - 8198 by grodpro
Autumn Wind by yumenoyukari
Hope - Sleeve by grodpro
Photography - Flying hair outdoors - misc
Midday in Paris by linakononenko
On the Road by bwaworga
show the mane by Pippa-pppx
You Make Me Feel by gocealice
Photography - Flying hair indoors - misc
Wizard by adenry
Fly Away by clydemoe
look by MisterMettler
Photography - Black and white
Ivory Flame Gazing by EngagingPortraits
Black and White by LeeLooLa
Ola by darkelfphoto
Ewelina part2 by magdalenamalek
Photography - Fashion, stylised or coloured
the sweater by Pippa-pppx
Bride to be by Minato-Kushina
Sora no iro... by Ellie-Rich
Petal by thefirebomb
Photography - Headshot
down by the water III by Ceecore
Violette by MD-Arts
Julia by LinkyQ
ID by KarinClaessonArt
Photography - Beauty blond hair
Russian Beauty 2 by silverwing-sparrow
Russian Beauty by silverwing-sparrow
Silver Wolfie by maikeshepherd
Forest Elf 4 by silverwing-sparrow
Photography - Beauty brune, brown, dark hair
2 by darkelfphoto
1129 by miobi
......... by vvola
Petra by Norrington1
Photography - Beauty auburn and red hair
Cantara by MissSouls
Autumn by Mishkina
*** by MariaBabintseva
# Forest Beauty by Mishkina
Photography - Beauty curly hair - misc
.... by vvola
Photography - Several women
every by LilithJenovax
Varia Queen of the Amazons by petnick
Digital Art
Face 2 by REDANTArts
Traditional Art
Colored for Paola-Tosca by Carrie-Kube
Reimu Hakurei by VeBonBon
Model stock with long hair
Felicia Hardy by xKamillox
Resources and Tutorials
Colored pencil tutorial SKIN part 4 - MEDIUM BROWN by kiko-sempai
Digital Art 2
Iris by hankengai












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Hey, make sure you set your group admin permissions to "Subject to Vote" or "Are Not Allowed". There has been two notorious group hijackers for over a month now who apply as a co-founders, delete all the artwork in the gallery and favorites, and replace it with gore, scat and porn.
As an example:…
(the NSFW stuff has since been removed but the gallery has been wiped out and the only thing left in the favorites section are Hitler pics)
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You can check my gallery for more art, premade backgrounds, hair stock and more:…

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Trench-ADF Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2017
A picture paints a thousand words, but most novels are not illustrated.
However, a picture helps with visualisation before describing a scene/character. 
Thank you for accepting my request and I hope to find much inspiration here.

     A bellboy tapped him on the shoulder; there was an overseas call from the Philippines for him in the hotel foyer.

    “Is this Captain Harry Browne, with an ‘e’, of Trans World Airlines?” John Mandrake’s voice asked.

    “No, I am First Officer Terry Brown, no ‘e’, of Air America?”

    “Sorry to have disturbed you,” John said and immediately ended the call.

    Across the foyer, Megan emerged from the elevator looking chic and poised in a wide brim sun hat that a French knot and intricately plaited pigtail were tilting forward. The blond bangs bounced on her shoulders. The pearls graced her neck, matching earrings clung to sculptured lobes and Audrey Hepburn sunglasses hid her eyes. The sun dress was new, lemon coloured, in thin Egyptian cotton that buttoned up the front, and she was wearing it without a bra but only two buttons undone at the top. The colour highlighted her tan and she wore it daringly unfastened from hem to mid-thigh, showing just a visible hint of the tops of her flesh tone seamed stockings. In very Southern States style she wore white lace gloves which gripped a yellow snakeskin purse. She was turning heads as she made for the desk with key in hand, heels clicking on the polished teak floor and her long, sun-bleached pigtail bobbing in time down beyond the curve of her buttocks.

    He caught her eye and conveyed to her, with the barest shake of his head, that they needed to speak. He gestured towards the coffee shop, which had only one customer, and they could talk there without being overheard.

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