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Der Club der Verlierer 2

Der Club der Verlierer:
Bill Denbrough
Beverly Marsh
Stan Uris
Richi Tozier
Eddie Kaspbrak
Ben Hanscom
Mike Hanlon

aus dem Buch / Film "Es" von Stephen King
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Gute Arbeit, sehr realistisch. Wird es von Hand gezeichnet oder digital gezeichnet ?
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vielen Dank für dein Kommentar.
Ja, es ist von Hand gezeichnet,mit Blei- und Buntstiften.
Habe nachträglich lediglich spaßenshalber den Kontrast hochgedreht beim Einscannen. Aber die Version ohne verstärkten Kontrast habe ich auch mit Hochgeladen.
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Fantastic drawing. Woah.
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good drawing :D I love IT but I hate the movie. the book is much better(in my opinion)
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Actually, I recently finished both; you're right, the book was a LOT better; the movie really did leave out a LOT of the best parts, making it less scary than the book. Of all the unnecessary remakes ad reboots Hollywood's currently doing, why not this?
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I like the film. But your right, the book is better. It's mostly the same with all film adaptions.
I think, the actors of the movie are a good conversion (is that the right word? ^^°) of the book characters.
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true(like harry potter)
I dunno xd

I watched one part of the movie but I couldn't watch it because it's terrible I think.especially Richie Tozier...he looks in the movie like a NERD or sth.o.o
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woah this is great! :) my second favorite movie ever
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Fantastic work. You really captured how they looked in the movie very, very well!
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Thank you
I love that movie ^^
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this is amazing! favorite!
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Wow this is so acuratly drawn! The kids actually look like themselves! Amazing Job.
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you're very welcome! <3
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Wow! Das ist super! Ich liebe dieses der club der verilirerer und alle Suckers: D aus dieser Zahl Oo Sorry für mein Deutsch, ich bin Polnisch.
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