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It's somehow typical of me that my previous journal entry is dated exactly a year ago. So I better shut up and upload what I've done so far.

I know live with a son (since March) and two dogs and a guinea pig (since last summer), so I might upload something non-musical as well.

Cheers all!
Well, it certainly took me a while, but I finally managed to upload some new photos. More should follow soon, there's some ACDC, Billy Idol, Andalucía and Green Day shots, to mention some of 'em.

Meanwhile, my profile reached the magical 10K visitors, thanks to you all! :)
Many thanks to Njalla and evanhwong for my first Daily Deviation! :bow:

Tomi Joutsen - the Last Man Standing…

More concerts, travels and photos should follow in summer!
Oh my, the spring went and the summer along with it. And I was... well, not here. Thanks for all the comments, favs and new watchers - I'm trying to reply to as many as possible. And I'll update a couple new photos shortly, although I didn't get much done this summer. A couple more concerts, a very short trip to London.

May the winter be snowy and white... and may the summer come again very, very soon. :)
The spring is finally here - not just the weather is warmer, but also there's more concerts and soon festivals to attend. Last week Emilie Autumn and Tina Turner, and a couple of interviews, and maybe there's some more of that stuff in the near future.

I'll also intent to be efficient this summer and make some nature/city/street photography as well.

Thanks for all the attention and, as I've always said, all feedback is welcome. Take care, people!
My humble apologies: these latest updates are all old, from last year. Recent months I've been mostly occupied with my final thesis to finally rid myself of the student life. Hopefully I'll manage to kick myself into more active photografing in spring & summer (and hopefully there is a summer, you never know in Finland).

I can never thank enough for all the favs & comments - they keep me going and I appreciate every one of them. :thanks:
So, after a couple of tourist shots I've posted, as well as few live photos from recent months, I needed some change. I have never really tried macro and still life photos, until now. The ideas are nothing new, I just wanted to practise this stuff. Plants, water drops, you know. Hope you like some of them.

Cheers to all!
Okay, some fresh uploads, finally. Some from my travels the past spring, others from the recent concerts I attended after my return home. I hope I'll find some time to upload more - my next step however is to spend some quality time viewing the works of others here.

Many thanks of the favs & comments - all and every kind of feedback is most welcome!
All right. After six months of Galicia and iCafés, I'm back home in Helsinki. I enjoyed my time abroad, obviously, since I let my DA message box fill with messages, always thinking "I'll get to them next time / when I have more time / some other day". As always, next day is easily next half a year.

I'm still thinking of posting some of the stuff I did there, even though I didn't do much - at least it'll be a bit of change from the typical concert shots I mainly have here. And I suppose I should clean up this profile anyway. Next time, or when I have more time...
So here I am, in a mediaval(ish) town of Santiago de Compostela, the heart of Galicia. Which means that a) I'm having a great time and b) my Internet-life is very zombie-like, at least for now which leads to c) I won't be ably to reply as nearly as much as I could and should and would.

I'll get something new & touristic (which on the other is newer really new) posted here, sooner of later, but that's going to take a while. Especially because it's winter here (well, as a Finn I wouldn't call this 'winter'...) and things look a bit better closer to spring. If I can't have snow, I want at least green trees.

Anyway, hugs & thanks to ye all!
Ah, a fresh new year! It started with two concerts, HIM and Nightwish, and those were also the last concerts for me, for now. In few weeks I'll be heading to Santiago de Compostela for half a year to improve my tourism photography. :)

Again, many thanks to all comments and favs. Even though I'm lazy with coming up with different sorts of thank yous, I really appreciate every single one of them.

And all you who live in Spain, travel tips are most welcome!

Happy new year to ye all!
Finally some fresh uploads. I've been way too lazy with my DA account and I'm even lazier with the excuse, so I'm not even going to give one. However, I'm going to upload some more concert shots soon and hopefully something else as well. Not that there is much more with my photographing.

In the meanwhile, a huge thanks to all those favourites!
I've had some new visitors recently, and I know who to thank: Evanescence Fanart Community and A place for us to dream (Placebo fanart), so thank you!

I have also marked my employer to the photos, if they are taken to a media - meaning that I had the opportunity to stand right in front of the stage during the first 3 songs. However, I take photos for media only occasionally and as an assistant, not a pro. And, as a hobbyist, I really appreciate comments!

Many thanks for all the watches, favourites, friends and comments so far!
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Some more photos added to the gallery. Mostly from concerts & festivals, but also a couple of others. Most likely the majority will be on live shots for the rest of the year, but after that things might just change as I'm spending the whole spring in España, shooting siestas, fiestas and tapas'.

Thanks for all the comments and fav-adds so far! Comments and critique are always welcome.
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So I finally made it to the devianArt. At the moment I'm still learning to use the site, but hopefully I get to the point of adding some more photos here.

About me, well, I like photographing concerts, but I'm also trying to expand to other events and stuff. At the moment I mostly take photos to webzine, since there's no access to concerts without a media employer. However, photographing is a dear hobby, and I have no plans (nor talent?) of making it anything more.

Most of my photos can be found at my dumpster, also known as
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