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Sea Monster Hunt

I apologize for the crappy image quality. It's really hard to photograph things in the dark!
(and with no camera skillz...)
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fluffyfluffybunny's avatar pwewii.......i love the looks sooooooooooo cool! XD!
I've been carving to an "extreme" level for the past 6 Halloweens and I still haven't figured out a good way to photograph these things either. This year I've finally recruited a photographer friend of mine to capture the glory as I too "lack the skills" behind the camera...
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Your pumpkins are intense! Very nice work! :)
Thanks...I'm working on a "Dogs Playing Poker" pumpkin. I hope I can enter it as well, but it's taking a LONG time. Hopefully you can check it out once I get it done.
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Nice pumpkin! I like how you outlined the sails, it looks great!

It may be a little late, but my advice for pumpkin carving pictures is to use a tripod. It helps wonders! If you don't have one, maybe setting the camera on a table or a stack of books would work. Also if you can, I've found that using a short timer on the camera removes vibrations that could come from pushing the button. And for good measure I end up taking a lot of pictures so I have a better chance of getting a good one. Hope this helps!
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Also nice pumpkins! :D
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The detail is freaking amazing. Love it! Great job.
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This is real cool.
I just don't get it, how do you make those dark lines at the edge of the sails? =/
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You definitely have carving skillz, though
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looks amazing!

i suggest making friends with photographers, they take my pumpkin photos for me. (and they love doing it.)
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WOW, You got carving SKILLZ XD love it
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This is neat! how long did it take?
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About 2.5 hours start to finish?
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This is awesome ! Great work ! =D
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