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Vampyroteuthis branchis by henning Vampyroteuthis branchis by henning
Finally by time I posted something new here. I have been busy doing some work lately, and had some problems with a hard disk crash. (this is also why I don't post the steps this time, as I lost the first half part of the process). This is nothing special, really. I wanted to make a painting with a underwater enviroment, and ended up with this special specie. :-)
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knightswhodontsayni Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Even though vampyroteuthis branchis is a vampire squid, this picture is more of an aurelia aurita.
sirenophile Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009
Very creative take on a mermaid.
geminigriffin Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2008
I never would have imagined that. You are so fantastic with the art and the imagination. Love this.

Take Care
DevilChildVorn Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2008  Student Photographer
'Vampire squid from hell', hehe. Awesome creature!
Audore Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
wow, this is amazing. I like the eyes....
vaush Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2007
I like it. I haven't seen anything like it here. pretty interesting! ^^
st-jude Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2007   General Artist
she's like part sting ray part squid. that's a really neat take on conventional mermaids.
really well done :)
djfox- Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2005
You should have prints of this.
henning Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
I have prints og almost all my paintings, but I disabled most of them. If you go to my site, I have a new great printing partner. No-one bought my prints here anyways, hehe...
mystikaal Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2005
I really like her anatomony, especially her tail fin - very creative. Gorgeous skin color, and rendered expertly as always. ;) Her face looks so serene, and those jellyfish are a nice touch.
Djota Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2005  Student General Artist
Very beautiful!!!!!!!!
ying-temptra Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2005
:wow: Cool interpretation of a mermaid/siren. I like how she looks like a predator and a shark. YOu revels in the underwater enviroment. The colouring looks soo cool :w00t: Well done, wish I could do cool colouring like that :+fav:
vissper Featured By Owner May 31, 2005
intresting :giggle:
Heartbeat-Angel Featured By Owner May 25, 2005   Digital Artist
SunsetFox Featured By Owner May 16, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is increadible! I just love all the detail in this pic! It's so well done.
bikerboy Featured By Owner May 11, 2005
I just love the blue and how it flows.
JenaDellaGrottaglia Featured By Owner May 9, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
your work is amazing!
Deligaris Featured By Owner May 8, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, where are her nipples? XD
SilverShadeChaos Featured By Owner May 7, 2005
Cool looking.

hope you don't mind, but here are a few things i noticed.

doesn't look finished - shes way too smooth. i would expect a more exaggerated transparent top-skin along with some texture on it. The face looks great, but the body seems rushed. The breasts seem a might bit big as well. I like the idea of a film substance under her arms, but it doesn't seem like it's too well connected to her side. It just kind of cuts in there. I can't place my finger on it, but the gills seem out of place for some reason. Other proportions look good but watch out for that lighting; it doesn't seem to follow the main source in your pic.

I know you said that this isn't anything special, so I'm sure you had fun with it.

Good stuff, leaves me much to aspire to.
hockychick89 Featured By Owner May 4, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thats awsome! i love it! :D
Endelva Featured By Owner May 4, 2005  Professional Photographer
DollSlayer Featured By Owner May 4, 2005   Traditional Artist
beautiful... :+fav:
sandcastler Featured By Owner May 3, 2005
Yikes, what a serene beauty!! That web membrane between her arm and torso is just too cool...especially the way it's textured! Her tail is pretty wild, and her gills are just great! I like their placement. And her eyes...mesmerizing! One more detail, webbing between her fingers, would've been great and complemneted the armwebs. Hope to see more fishies featured here!!
bluerugbychick Featured By Owner May 3, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
It doesnt look too underwatery...but I really like the jellyfish. :) Great job on them!
Sideover Featured By Owner May 3, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
porfect project ı like it
SinisterMentor Featured By Owner May 3, 2005
Nice, but it doesn't remind me much of an underwater environment... Something about the light there.

Still, it's a nice piece. =)
manet Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
i love the smoothness and the colors.
its really nice. ;)
chucksgal Featured By Owner May 2, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Such a beautiful and unique interpretation of a mer-type creature!! So very original!! I love the shark-like skin and the webbing..also the multiple tail! The gills are a very logical addition that most mermaids lack...and the glowing eyes as well..which also add well to the mood. Great job on this one...ofcourse!! :D

What a drag about he HD crash! :(
bearcavestudios Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
great design dude
frozennova Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
wow cool like always! I lo´ve her skin it looks so metalic!
magpie-poet Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
interesting. i like how you have the sort of flesh to jelly transition. makes it creepy. she seems a little too shiny. her skin has such a pristine reflection, it's sort of hard/ glassy.
Bensaret Featured By Owner May 2, 2005  Professional Filmographer
Very interesting and unique mer-person design there ^_^. Sorry about the HD crash^^;
tallfemalemanta Featured By Owner May 2, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Very interesting. I like the color of her skin, and her gill shape. (...She's some kind of a shark/jellyfish {or octopus} and human hybrid, I presume?) I also adore the way you made her face so skeletal, and that her eyes glow to set off that eerie mood. Well done, Henning! :)
tearsofanangeldamned Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
Very intresting.

I like it.

And I love the jelly fish! :XD:
geeiaabidge Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
Interesting interpretation, nice indeed! It would be neat to see tiny air bubbles or something swirling away from her, for more of an under water effect :D
OrchidMage Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
Wow, this is kinda different for you, but it came out great! I love the expression on her face and the beautiful skin texture. Wonderful usage of color too. Great job Henning, I love this!
scorpyan Featured By Owner May 2, 2005   Digital Artist
beautiful !!
Tunaferit Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
biomek Featured By Owner May 2, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
Great the look of the water!! You might want to have a patterned light on the tops of the figures facing the light from the top of the water, only cause the ripples break up the upper light source.
Anaclara Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
It's lovely :aww:
I'm so out of my thing with drawings, but, I think it would look really cool if you added some particles, that would give it a reality touch :aww: and maybe unshine reflects like a beam or something :nod:

sorry, I know, you can tell me "what do you know about anything in this life" I'll acept it :lonely:
keight Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
I really like this one, Henning. The webbing and tentacles are a very nice touch, as are Tascha's gill slits.

Now my surgery is over, I am SO looking forward to painting again. Especially, :) when you post finished works that are different takes on sketches in my "To Work Up" file. (Homocetacea odontoceti, for instance.....) :D
Rapsody Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
Bravo! :clap:
Emanaia Featured By Owner May 2, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is different and very beautiful. :)
ArtLover25 Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
Very pretty and unique. I like her eyes and the webbing on her arms. Her tail is quite interesting and the jellyfish look cool too.
I even like the lighting effects.
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