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Mansions of Madness, boardgame


This is a scaled down overview of "Mansions of Madness", a new board game from Fantasy Flight games, from the Call of Cthulhu Arkham Horror line.

This was the biggest board game I've worked on so far, and it was very challenging yet a lot of fun.

More info about the game on their site: [link]

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Try to creat a board game

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The game has some major flaws, but your art makes it all worth it.
How can I buy these arts from you? thank you
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Hello! You can buy Mansions of Madness from your local board-game and roleplaying store, most likely. Or from directly. There's also plenty of online stores selling it, like Amazon, and probably ebay too :) 
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Wow do I ever love this game. My friends and I have spent many many hours enjoying your artwork while playing Mansions of Madness. A friend of mine (who is a much better artist than I am) even made custom map tiles and character sheets for which she scrupulously imitated our style. Thanks!
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Wow, I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the game. I've only had the opportunity to try it out once, and I liked it. :cowboy: 
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Heeeeeee~! I was playing this game and thought how I loved the art and it was yours all along!
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Oh man, this is so great. Until very recently, I never even thought about the fact hat assets like this actually had to be made by- well- SOMEBODY.

Do you remember how many hours this took?
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Thanks! :)
I didn't count the hours, but I worked several hours every day for around 3-4 weeks, so I guess it adds up to a few.
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After look at this for a while, I wondered-
1) How do you get from the top half to the bottom, and vice versa?
2) How do you even get into the bedroom on the lower right hand side? There appears to be no way in or out of those two rooms.
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This is not how the board looks like when played, this is just the lay-out they were given me from the client. The overview you see is made up of separate rooms that you put together to build unique levels depending on the story you're playing.
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OOoooooooh. Well that makes sense!
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You can see how the tiles work in FFG's video :)
Awesome work, as usual :)
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great detailed work!
splendid! Love the details!
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Fantastic stuff - very much looking forwards to getting a copy of this game.
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Wow man, thats all so very cool! :D
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great man! great work!
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Great design!!
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Incredible, never played any of Fantasy Flight's games, but the art alone makes me want to pick this up.
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Oh man it's AWESOME. o.O
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