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Gate of souls, book cover


My girlfriend :iconkyena: was supposed to do this painting, but because of her health issues I took over the project. She made the conceptual sketch and I took it from there, thanks for the great base-work honey :-) .
It’s fun making wrap-around illustrations for book covers. I also made the text, which is another thing I enjoy doing.

This is the wrap around cover for what seems to be a wonderful fantasy novel with very interesting characters and creatures and a cute storytelling.

The girl is named Runa, and that little familiar on her shoulder is Mellypip. The guys name is Darcus, the owl in the tree is Belwyn. Sanura is a bronze colored cat with blue eyes that can shape shift into a panther.

More interior illustrations and process steps on my site: [link]
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I need an illustration to be used on a book cover. A woman, mid-20s, cute, the girl next door type, green eyes, sandy brown hair two inches past her shoulders wearing a short-sleeve crimson work jumpsuit. She has a tattoo "5785644-ITN" running up the outside of her right forearm. The view would be a profile of her looking out a window on a spaceship at a star cluster or spiral galaxy with the tattoo visible. I do have the job posted on another site and have sent an inquiry as to how to post it here. However, I saw your work and wanted to see if you would be interest. I will own all rights to the work, but the artist will be credited for the illustration. If you are interested let me send me a note along with fee, number revisions included, the file format(s) and resolution the illustration will be delivered in, and your timeline for completion. Thanks,