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Battlestations Midway pin-up 2


This is one out of three pin-up ladies I painted for Kennedy & Monk for the computer game “Battlestations Midway” from EIDOS. It was a different and very exiting experience working on these illustrations. They were heavily art directed by a very talented director, and we had a good time developing this. They are not being used in the game, but are being used for PR purposes and similar things.

The game is available on XBox-360 and PC once it releases later this month.

Painted using Photoshop CS2 with a Wacom Intuos tablet. I spent many hours on this one, I don’t know how many exactly.

Close-ups and progress steps here: [link]
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Curious about the font you use in the pin up illustrations. Would you share the name of it?

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Thanks a lot! :thanks: 
I'd like to have this image used on the back of my company t-shirts.  Can I get approval to use it?  My company is a woman owned steel fabrication company based in Cleveland Ohio.  Anchor Construction Services.  
I would like to purchase this in a poster, help please
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You can get prints of it by clicking the print option on the page. :) 
I had to create an account, got it thanks
Hello! Jawdrop  Love 
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Nice job done, is it ok to download?
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Thanks, and sure! 
Only thing is not using it for any commercial stuff. Not even I'm allowed to do that :P 
Really nice work! :-)
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All hands on deck!!! She is gorgeous! Makes me proud to have been a sailor myself!
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So beautiful!! I want to marry her!!
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How much do you charge to create a design like this?
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I'm curretly fully booked, but I'm sending you a pm with price information nevertheless :) 
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Hi, Thought you might like to now I saw this very same pin-up used on the outside walls of a cafe in a village named St Mere Eglise, in Normandy France. I was in that village last June 6th attending the 70th commemoration of D-Day. I even took photos of this pin-up because it looked so good. Great to finally get a decent download of it and say thank you directly to the artist.

I've just done a google maps street view looking for it but the image of the building is dated 2010 here's the link. Maybe you can find a more up to date version? Like I said, I was there in 2014.

Great picture! Saved and fav'ed.
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Hello! Thanks for the heads up :thanks: 
Yeah, this has become one of the most stolen images on the internet, I'm sure. I see it all over the place, and while it's annoying to know that others are making more from it than I did, there's not really much I can do about it. It all belongs to a client of mine, and not even I'm allowed to use it for anything, haha. 

Oh well :cowboy: 
Nice work! Do u use any Fonts here ?
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Eidos, my client did the font. No clue what they've used. :) 
In addition to the link I sent you regarding Midway pin-up 3, I found another website using the above illustration in their logo:…
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Thanks for the heads up, I've contacted them so then we'll see if they do anything about it.
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