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School Uniform Designs



I finished this tonight because Jesse put a gun to my head and a knife to my throat and screamed at me to do more art.

Well... cyber-threatening, of course.

I'm kidding, he wasn't threatening at all.

And I keep leaning on the touch-pad of my tablet and it continues to scroll more and more down the page.. it's rather annoying. OH does anyone else get a problem with their tablet when it makes every single window's scroll go CRAAZZYY and it just goes up and down and up down up down up up down up down down up, etc etc. That happens on the odd occasion with my intuos 3. I actually only just figured it out tonight that it was because of my tablet that my computer randomly scrolled crazily..

ANYWAY. This is just a few concept sketches of the uniform that Cel goes to. Yes, everything I draw has to relate back to Cel. Hah.

I was kind of just looking at photos on google, and some photos of St. Trinians, because I love the school uniforms they did in that.

So, if you like, you can pick out which ones you like and tell me. Or give me some suggestions. I like blue and white, but I'm up for any other colour that would look good with it.

NOTE: the colours don't all fit together. I just kind of slapped random colours on each version to see what it would look like with navy or white socks, or a white or light blue top. So yeah.

Oh and Jesse = :iconimitatelife:

And by now I've probably written too much and no one's probably even bothered to read this far. I'm not surprised!

And seeing as no one is reading this anymore, I can say whatever I like.

Jesse is a woman!
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I love school shows and movies have a uniform variation