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-Dog Fight-

Jack vs. Ralph

* * *

characters (c) William Golding

EDIT: They are FIGHTING. There is no YAOI involved here, and never expect any of it from me. This is a piece of classic literature, and the children are TWELVE YEARS OLD. It's inappropriate, in my opinion, to see these characters in any sensual/romantic way.
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This story was deep in a level many people rather not see - it shows what happens when mankind is on its own, without rules.
sydney091301's avatar
The way you drew their expressions kind of gives of a "don't make me hurt you" vibe. Very good art.
LunarRosesWolf's avatar
This is amazing! I love their expressions, and your style is wonderful! I don't like the shipping either, unless the characters are aged up an a fanmade AU or epilogue.
Nuttelaaddict44's avatar
It looks amazing! I love your style, senpai!

I also think shipping for Lord of the Flies is inappropriate. I'M FINALLY NOT ALONE!!!!!!
Skittythepokemon's avatar
I love this book so much.
I don't get the shipping though. Yeah, I like yaoi too, but these characters are too young to be depicted in that kind of way. Besides, this looks nothing like yaoi in the first place, so how on Earth did people think it was?
MiniMinina's avatar
Yay  :la: :la: :la: , amazing job!!

 And I think the same as you, they're children, it's weird see they as a couple, and the same is for everybody in that book, that beautiful book!!
Moopokhry's avatar
I'm ashamed to admit I do ship these two, I won't say any more about that. But I don't see this as a shipping drawing >_> they're fighting um. Plus, people need to appreciate this novel for the piece of literature it is more, if that's all they can see in this drawing. Oh well.
sadielizyy's avatar
pairing them up romantically is odd really, but kids can have crushes and some do start dating at 12 so that really isn't that bad, but yeah i have to agree the sexual thing is a little....eehh it depends how you use it though. i mean the book in general is really dark, that and Roger does rape a pig with a spear so it is in interpretation.
chocolategrr's avatar
This is especially in time around WWII. In that time are boys really that horny at the age? Maybe, but unlikely. Also, I doubt both would fall in love with other, mainly because twelve-year old's have no idea what that is. 
sadielizyy's avatar
love is subjective and nobody really knows what it is since it is not the same for everyone. 12 year old boys love their family, well most. and maybe it isn't romantic but it doesn't mean it is impossible for a tween to gain strong feelings for someone or have a crush. and actually, irl there are a lot of horney kids, there always have been and there always will be. there are 14 year olds planning to have babies lol it depends on the certain person/character in question and nothing else. and anyway, shipping is just shipping =p it shouldn't be treated like the end of the world depends on it X"D
Saruno4792's avatar
I love the action, such an awesome picture! Epic!
saimilli's avatar
Just thought I'd say that I adore all your Lord of the Flies fanart, and from what I've seen you have the most accurate interpretations of characters. Bravo!
Cuffermix's avatar
This book was so frightening because it felt so that would actually happen...
I was disappointed that Ralph and Jack never actually had a confrontational fighting scene.
candygirl39725's avatar
Ugh. Yaoi fangirls. So we meet again...

Thank you for setting them straight! I love your LOTF art, and it makes me happy to know that there are people who ACTUALLY RESPECT THE SOURCE MATERIAL of the subject that they're drawing. Major kudos!
Madd-D's avatar
Thank you so much for drawing QUALITY ART. ;A;

I just finished the book and I'm browsing for fanart and all I can find is this anime junk and slash and AUGH. This was a very serious book, I can't believe some of the art.

So just... thank you for this. It's a breathe of fresh air. Great faces, great color, great style.
candygirl39725's avatar
The first time I looked for LOTF art, I found Ralph/SImon art. I gagged, facepalmed, and left the page.
Madd-D's avatar
Exactly. :'C
MadCamera's avatar
People thought this was yaoi? ....Ew. Just ew. :P
That said, awesome drawing!
Terrajaide's avatar
I don't like yaoi either. This is fantastic.
Burnin-Dove's avatar
I think it would be cute if it was a crush since children do have them. But the only time I truly ship them together is when they are older. Ie: a fan fic when they are teens or whatnot.

Amazing picture! I do love the colors and the facial expressions. (: Simple beautiful and bloody~
Cosmic--Chaos's avatar
Fantastic job; now I want to read Lord of the Flies again :D
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