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Brony D and D : Once Upon A December
Oin gazed upon the Directian royal castle ballroom, a place which seemed to intrigue Mori as she looked around the room. Mori had been born with the ability to walk in dreams and Oin was training her in a dream to use her ability to help others. He had been in this room before but he had been more focused on defeating Simula to really take the place in. In some ways, it reminded him of his old home in Optimar before he left and changed his name to Oin Lightbringer. He kept a close eye as Mori explored the castle that had housed her mother, her aunt, her parents, and would've been her home if Simula didn't... His train of thought was broken when Mori suddenly sang.
Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember, and a song someone sings, once upon a December, someone holds me safe and warm, horses prance through a silver storm, figures dancing gracefully, across my memories,
Suddenly, the spirits of those who had perished thanks to Simula and the demons appeared and
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So, 68 episodes of Brony D&D have passed and ToonKritic is officially out of the campaign. He’s been written out entirely and we can continue on with our lives enjoying an amazing story. Buuuut in case you haven’t been paying attention for the past few months or so, here’s what you missed so everyone is caught up and properly informed.

ToonKriticY2K was outed as a sexual predator and a sexual deviant. As a result of this, he no longer has a YouTube channel or Twitter handle, his Twitch is no longer active, his Patreon has been taken down, and people associated with him who knew nothing of this behavior were ostracized as, “pedophile enablers”. As a result, those people were unjustly bullied, losing subscribers and patrons for handling the situation… not as good as they’d hoped.

Then again, it was very blindsiding for a lot of the bigger names in the brony community. In particular, joshscorcher and Dr. Wolf. Unlike certain bullies on the Internet, I will not be using their actual names. If you do use their real/full names in the comments, I will remove your words and mark it as spam.

Now when we found out that Toon committed those acts, it was a struggle for a couple of reasons.

  1. A person we considered a close friend and loyal co-worker committed heinously immoral acts. Yes, immoral and not criminal. According to the FBI, after a follow-up back in February, the agent SEGASister and I talked to said the incident, given the evidence we had was morally wrong and just overall douchey, but nothing quite warranting a criminal arrest. We still call bullshit on it. Regardless, processing reality and accepting it took awhile to set in.

  2. There were projects we had planned down the road or still had videos with him in it and we weren’t sure of what to keep up and what to make private/delete. The Haymakers had the same discussion when we returned to wrestling podcasts a few weeks ago.

  3. We had a large backlog of pre-recorded sessions of D&D where Toon was prominent and even front and center to the story we told for a good chunk of it. So the question came down to, how do we proceed with uploading the sessions? For that matter, SHOULD we proceed with uploading the sessions?

Ultimately, thanks to myself and SEGASister, we reached a middle ground conclusion for the D&D group so most parties would be satisfied. Taking inspiration from Team Four Star: At the Table, we created video recaps for those who wished to skip the longer videos so not to hear ToonKritic’s voice and keep informed of what’s been going on up until Episode 66. However, there were those who were willing to separate character from person and didn’t mind watching the sessions in full, getting to experience the small details and acting chops of the players, as long as we put a disclaimer on the videos, beforehand.

In fact, this is the exact same approach Marzgurl currently has made in regards to, “Farewell, FamiKamen Rider,” and the JewWario situation.  Even though this is regarding a past video, she is leaving the movie up, for now, but putting a disclaimer in the description. So the D&D group started to expedite the process and, metaphorically, rip off the bandage; posting all of the sessions at a faster pace, just to get it over with. Even so, all monetizing on the newer videos would go directly to NetSmartz. A website promoting child safety on the Internet.

However, as expected, not everyone was satisfied. The most prominent of the bunch being the loud, obnoxious minority of Lily Orchard and her uneducated sheeple in Orchard Park. The main reason? Giving a known sexual deviant a platform… wait, what?

Okay. What I think they were trying to say is by still posting the larger sessions, Doc and Josh were “normalizing” the acts of a sexual predator. There are several things wrong with this argument.

  1. Saying that uploading Brony D&D normalizes the acts of a sexual predator is the same as saying that keeping House of Cards or The Loud House on air is normalizing the acts of Kevin Spacey and Chris Savino respectively, along with the long list of other sexual predators in the entertainment industry. If you’re going to demand the videos be taken down, go right ahead and demand your local radio station to stop playing anything that Phil Spector produced, because, by this logic, his actions are being normalized every time we sing along to “Let it Be.” And Phil Spector killed someone!

  2. Before we posted the new sessions, every single person involved with the videos condemned the actions he engaged in. Since then, we have dissociated with him and whichever videos we had him in prior and kept up, was our choice.

  3. Long before the news broke out, he disengaged himself from social media. So there would be no known platform to promote. The only thing people could, maybe, fault us for was leaving his name in the player credits. But that’s just stating the obvious. He was a player who was part of the campaign. It’s history that can’t be erased as much as we try. You own up to it and try to make things right.

  4. Did no one read the disclaimer at the beginning of the new videos? Or watch the Brony D&D update video on how we’d tackle the newer sessions? We stated our plans explicitly. These were Doc’s own words:

“I don’t want to mince words here, what Toon did was awful and I am fully aware that uploading these could cause distress to many people. But with the warnings, I feel like everyone can make a choice for themselves if they do or do not want to consume the content that I am about to put out.”

There is the key word here, choice. We knew not everyone would be satisfied with the decision but we gave the option of what to do. Even so, we must assume everyone is watching and must be informed accordingly. See FCC vs Pacifica Foundation (1978) for something of a similar nature. Instead, those who downvoted videos on purpose were only told to because Lily instructed them too. That doesn’t sound like a choice. That sounds like Lily was enabling her followers, what Orchard Park claims WE are doing.

Lily and her faction, since late January, have harassed all of the members of the Brony D&D group and close, former friends of ToonKritic in the name of social justice for all of the victims of his; even though plenty of them have asked them not to, prefering to speak for themselves. However, the only victim Lily seems to focus on was the most vocal with Patchwork Heart. Lily claims there are other anonymous victims in her Discord server, but unless there’s actual proof, the only ones we believe are the ones who came to us or provided evidence of victimization. Those being SEGASister, Mimkage, Harmony Dancer, Eliyora, Cavatina, and the 15 year old who blew the whistle in the first place.

Lily’s following doesn’t seem to care, so they try to speak for the victims when they don’t need speaking for, and even speaking over the victims because it’s more convenient. Instead, she continues to show that her hate boner for Josh is still fully erect and has not gone down since 2016. If anything, the entire reason for attacking the group is just more of Lily’s vendetta against Josh not just for firing her over an idea about Spike's relationship to Twilight, but also daring to end an abusive friendship.

Lily Orchard is a bully who loves the sound of her own voice. The only viewpoint she thinks is right is hers and when someone tries to debunk a point, it gets sent to the trash bin. Or an entire video is made to debunk one person’s comment on how wrong they are. And whenever she is proven wrong, she runs to her echo chamber to make herself feel good. In fact there’s one quote of Lily’s that sums up how she approached the D&D situation.

“That’s a relatively sensible way of thinking, and I’d honestly appreciate it if people stopped pretending that I’m some kind of saint because I did the bare-fucking-minimum.”

Well, we can agree on that sentence. You DID do the, “bare-fucking-minimum,” and you most certainly are not a saint. Forgive me if I start to sound a little pious, but you could say WE, the former friends of ToonKritic, went above and beyond the bare minimum. We talked with the victims of ToonKritic compared to your… one. We confronted Toon on his immoral actions while you… complained on the internet like every other person who has access to wifi.

We informed the FBI, local law enforcement and several pony convention heads on these acts while you did… NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Wait, no, LESS than nothing, because instead of informing the proper authorities, you harassed and heckled completely innocent people for daring to, “associate,” with a deviant, or even speaking out against you, saying that they don’t need you speaking for them! Your new little crony, Xain Russell, even suggests Josh should GO AROUND FBI and police and weed out the problems ourselves in the Brony community ignoring that you are also part of that problem. Vigilantism is a crime in most places.

And need I mention that you, Lily, knew about what he did to Patchwork for almost a year and yet did nothing about it until you could profit off of it? Speaking of profit, last I checked, Glass of Water: Blame and Groom as well as its addendum are still monetized. You are, indeed, profiting off of drama. Yet, you receive no scorn and Mad Munchkin gets hounded because her video accidentally makes money on it. Where’s the dialectical in that?

“But wait,” you say. “How do you know that Lily’s not using the money she’s made off of those videos to help the victims?” Well, if she is, that’s great, if it weren’t for the fact that Lily condemned Dr. Wolf of doing the same thing with the Brony D&D videos. “Never use charity as a shield,” she says. Well, if Dr. Wolf can’t use NetSmartz as a, “shield”, then you can’t use Toon’s victims as a shield either. But, when it comes to certain girls that Toon victimized, she’s more than willing to insult, belittle, and silence them! Sure, ignore the survivors who don’t want you putting words in their mouths. Go ahead and say that actually asking them what they think of the situation isn’t a priority.

If that is not true villainy, I don’t know what is.

So, what ended up happening as a result of all of the torment? On April 24, 2018, joshscorcher, through advice from legal counsel, sent a Cease and Desist letter to Lily for all of the harassment she did since 2016. It detailed the D&D harassment with visual evidence, defamatory statements about military and religious standing, and the death threats. Being the levelheaded and rational thinking individual she is, before the 10 day window to comply to the C&D closed on May 4, 2018, Lily agreed to comply and stop the torment…

… I’m just kidding. Not even twelve hours after Josh sent the C&D, she went on a tumblr tirade and made a video on it. I mean… this is a brand of stupidity I’ve only seen on rare occasions. This action of the leader of Orchard Park is on par of typical WTFIWWY news stories where criminals getting away with crimes, taunt cops and judges by posting damning evidence on Facebook.

Clearly she didn’t seek an attorney once she received the letter, because any defense lawyer will tell you:

“Do not write up 10 pages of your version of events with detailed explanations of why the other person is a jerkface.”

The tirade proves Lily is not taking the C&D seriously and is openly mocking the legitimate complaints Josh has against her. So to quote the EXACT SAME ARTICLE:

“This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the letter seriously, because you should, but you don’t need to completely flip out. Suing someone is ridiculously expensive these days and most sane people try to avoid it.”

Another law article had a similar reaction to when someone does receive a C&D:

“Don’t freak out- and most importantly, don’t launch an attack straight away (especially on social media). Yes, your natural reaction will be to defend yourself but remember – think before you act. Anything you say online may be used against you if a lawsuit does surface in the future.”

The greatest villain of the brony community, everyone! Has the mental capacity of a teenager who just had their phone privileges removed for a month. That bratty behavior landed her in SO MUCH hot water, because Josh now has the legal right to file a restraining order on her. Josh can also, according to the C&D, seek monetary damage against her. All because Lily was tempted to respond and complain criticize on social media, thus incriminating herself.

Lily is now out of options. Josh is not taking her bait anymore. There are serious legal consequences for not signing the letter in time. My personal advice to her?

Lily, as a fellow YouTuber, I say all you need to do is admit you’re wrong… and that’s okay.

God Save the Queen
My thoughts on the Brony D&D debacle from the past 3 months as well as the latest legal bout between joshscorcher and Lily Orchard.


United States


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Quick question. Have you ever watched "House Of Mouse"? 
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You can check it out if you want, I'm not demanding this of you
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Hi Voice!

I noticed that you kind of hated season 8 and A Matter Principals made you almost quit the show but did you know that MLP could end after season 9? Don't knos if its true or not but that's what the big leak showed.
I hope you're online less often because of more important matters with your woman SEGASister.

Now I know that ToonKritic did something unthinkable and unforgivable to you and Aravi; I know that the things Lily Orchard apparently said/did to you and people close to you were uncalled for.  But you're not really going to give up just because of some creeps on the internet, are you?
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