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SYMBOLISM: Raven of Despair (Despond)


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SYMBOLISM: Raven of Despair (Despond)


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FANART: Shugo and Ouka Kissing

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COMMISSION for McLaurin High School


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Yellow Tang

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SYMBOLISM: Chamois of Lamentations (Edited)

Symbolism and Mandalas

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Earth Dragon - Theory and Mythology

Earth Dragon - Theory and Mythology Appearance: An Earth dragon is a type of dragon that is said to take the appearance of either a dinosaur, a giant reptile, or a giant sand alligator. No one knows too much about them though. So there’s not that much info and details about them yet. For example: Description #1: - Tyrannosaurus/Dinosaur-like Dragon - Camouflage Green - Flightless (no wings) Description #2: - Alligator-like Dragon - Camouflage Green or Dust/Sand Brown - Flightless (no wings) Facts: - Observation indicates their diet mainly is plants, but other evidence suggests they may also feed on meat. - Teeth are harder than ste

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Aquarium - Manta


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