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SYMBOLISM: The Beasts of the 7 Heavenly Virtues

- The Phoenix of Humility
- The Whale of Kindness
- The Wolf of Chastity
- The Lion of Patience
- The Rabbit of Charity
- The Gorilla of Temperance
- The Cheetah of Diligence

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I think the Rabbit seems more suited for the Virtue of Kindness. Something like a Horse would better suit the Virtue of Diligence. I agree with the Wolf symbolizing Chastity. For some reason, I think a Spider would be better for Temperance. A Mouse would be better for Humility. For Charity, how about... a Dog/Hound. And, for Patience, a Unicorn.

These are just my thoughts.

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Thank you for giving me your honest opinion. It's always helpful to learn from other artists' point of views and their creative ideas. ;)

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I'm working on a group of teenage superheroes whose powers are based on the seven heavenly virtues. Could you help me with it?

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I would love to, but I can't.

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Is it okay if this is used for a fanfiction?
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Hmmm..... (Thinking).... 

Well, I guess that depends. Are you willing to give me credit for the idea? 
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We are. It we'll give it to you when we get to that point.
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Very Well. Thank you. 

And yes, you can use it for a fanfiction. 
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You're welcome. ^^ 

I can't wait to see what this fanfiction (with my art image) is about. 
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Have you heard of the anime The Seven Deadly Sins? We're using this for a new group for the tattoos. The Seven Heavenly Virtues. It's for the story I'm helping a friend called, Elaine, The Fox's Sin of Greed. Here's the story:…
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Hmm.... Interesting. 

And Yes, I've heard of that anime. 
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That is very cool! You should do ones with the Seven Sins. I actually made Animals symbols for them myself
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Thank you. Glad you like them. :) 

I do appreciate the suggestion, but I already made the ones with the seven deadly sins. 

SYBMOLISM: The Beasts of the 7 Deadly Sins by Henkyo

Sounds to me like you're interesting in animal symbols as well. 
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Yes I am very much. I love Animals and their symbolisms
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Why is the wolf chastity? Because they pair bond?
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According to my theory and my research, a Wolf is a symbol of wisdom, willpower, & self-reliance. It has the ability to make its quick and firm emotional attachments, and it often trusts its own instincts. Thus they teach us to do the same, to trust our hearts and minds, and have control over our own lives. 

In other words, restraining itself from lust and these addictions. 

Which is why I think the wolf is suitable enough to symbolize chastity, cause after all chastity is the opposite of Lust (one of the 7 deadly sins). 

Hopefully, this answers your question. 
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True but all of that lines up a bit more with Temperance. What a lot of people miss out on is that chastity is also the virtue of love. Of treating others as people and loving them for qualities beyond physical attraction. Which helps us to distinguish between real love and all its forms and lust and other forms of predatory affection. Though wolves do a pretty good job at this living in what is essentially natures equivalent of a nuclear family unit. Which is very notable in comparison to the way most other animals behave.

Though a lot of the above is based on my own opinions and research. I'd actually love to hear more of your overall thought process behind all of this.
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It's a very interesting question really. 

Hmmm.... perhaps, the wolf can relate to love in a way, besides just pair bonding. They can actually develop strong attachments with others who they care about. Wolves and dogs can be a human's best friend. And Wolves do symbolize guardianship. 

If that makes sense in a way. 
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Is that really true?
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I even made one for the seven deadly sins.…
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Yeah, I saw that one too
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