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Jet Hunting

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Lt Col John D. Landers led the 78th FG on 30 March. Freed to hunt after the escort mission, Landers spotted an Me 262 1000 ft off the ground. Diving with his wingman Lt. Thomas Thain in his 'Sweet and Lovely', they caught the jet as the pilot made shallow turns. Landers opened fire at 700 yards and got hits on one engine and opened fire again at 400 yards and hit the cockpit area. After Landers overshot, Thain pulled in behind and hit the Me 262 solidly with a long burst. The Me 262 crashed and burned. Landers and Thain shared the kill.

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P-51D model and textures by Gareth Hector. Hope you like it!

3D Studio Max & Photoshop.
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This is absolutely amazing. You can't often find art of aircraft this good.

If only the tails were red, but I'll never stop loving the P51-D Mustang
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It‘s a beautiful airplane and i definitly need to make a tuskegee airmen scene
Plz do I would love to see that
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Interesting tidbit, Landers was the second youngest pilot to command a Fighter Group in the USAAF at the age of 24. 
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american dreams
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Great camera angle!
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Do you have an account on artstation?
It would be great to add you to favorits there :)
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Yes i have :-) guddi.artstation.com or Hendrik AviationArt
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Thank you!
I found you and added to following)
You make good quality pictures, I like it. But it's stramge that you have a small amound of followers.

Could you tell me please - you just take a 3D model, create a light scene, render it and than draw in Photoshop, righ?
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Hi. Sorry for my late reply. That is roughly the workflow, i‘ll do a lot of postwork in photoshop regarding the scene.

Yeah, don‘t know why :-/
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Hi, it's okay) Good specialists are busy all the time ;)

Got it. Photoshop can helps easly.
Btw, you can also use Nuke for postproduction. It gives you more advanced features.

Just keep going, people will find you ;)
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Haven‘t tried it so far. Bit expensive but I will give the trial version a go
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Sure, trial version is okay for testing.

French guys made a clon of this software. It's called "Natron"
And it's free.
You can try to use it as an alternative.
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Loving your Mustang work, exceptional.
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I will say this again because of the loss of this bird and its man who flew her on that fateful day a couple of years ago.

R.I.P. Big Beautiful Doll... :(
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Fantastic - and great history too!
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50cal. In action!
Nice work!
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