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In the beginning, there was only darkness. From the darkness, the god beget the light.

And after which there was balance, the world came to be.

The god created two beings from the dark and the light and he called them ‘angels’. He then created the land, seas and mountains. The land was filled with bounty and thus he created humans to care for his earth and the animals in it. The angels guided the humans and hand-in-hand the earth flourished.

It was until man discovered fire and metal that they stopped caring for the earth, destroying its bounties. Saddened by the actions humans have chosen, the god asked the angel of light to help the humans find their way back to their old ways. In response, the angel used the power given to her to create little creatures that were neither human nor animal; they had the blessing of the god himself. Delighted by her own creation, she gave them a name, lovingly calling them her “Lilidae”.

The Lilidae were like humans in appearance, but blessed with an ability to fly with their wings which mirrored the flora they care for. They came to aid the humans through tending to the earth. Seeing this, little by little, humans started to till the soil again and once more, the earth was filled with flowers, fruits, and seeds. Pleased, the god praised the angel of light.

But why is it that the Light was asked to guide humans back, and not the Dark? It was the Dark that came first so why wasn’t she the favored one? No matter, she thought, as she will prove that she can do just as much as the Light can. And the deep-seated envy gave birth to her very own Lilidae. They did as much as the Light Lilidae did and she was satisfied. But when the night fell, these Lilidae of the dark started to attack humans, thirsting for their blood and doing what it takes to get a hold of them. Unlike the Light Lilidae who were fond of the sun, these children of the night wasn’t blessed by the god. Thus, they seek this blessing from the creatures the god loved the most: humans.

The terrified humans started to shut out these creatures they once thought of as ‘helpers’ and aid from god. They turned to their fire and metal and drove away all the Lilidae. Equally, the Lilidae started to fear humans for their violence and hid from them.

To this day, humans only remember Lilidae as a myth and would be called fairies or vampires. But through those centuries, little did the humans know that the Lilidae still continue what they were created to do, and that was to care for the earth.

Lilidae Guide

The basic things you need to know about the Lilidae

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  • Lilidae can both hear far better than humans and see much further.
  • All lilidae love nectar and are always hungry for it, so if they are in the wild they will always live close to where flowers are abundant.
  • They are very vain creatures, they always keep their feathers neat and presentable especially when courting another lilidae; and would sometimes decorate themselves by adding gem-like resin onto their bodies. They treasure their wings and tail the most as it is not only aesthetic but they feel as though they have died if anything irreversibly bad may happen to them.
  • Having "beads" on their plumage is said to be a sign that they are blessed by the gods. These beads form after they are born, starting from the size of a tear before growing. Lilidae with beads naturally have a higher affinity for nature (or magic as some would call it). To differentiate this special resin from mere body decor, they are not directly connected to the feather but float closely. They often form by the undertail, but rarely on the tailskirt. 
  • Gender ratio of female to male is 40:60. So it can be quite competitive during the mating season.
  • They are human size in their humanoid form, though usually petite and lean (its impossible for them to get fat due to their hummingbird-like metabolism); average height of an adult goes between 4ft - 5ft. Rare cases they reach past that but they can, but usually not taller than 5'7".

  • All lilidae hate walking, they would rather hover about. Though capable of sprinting with their digitigrade legs, this is their weakest pair of limbs. Some even hate footwear because they couldn't perch or hang upside down with those on.
  • Their lifespan isn't so different from humans too despite their super quick metabolism + heart rate. They could even live to a hundred because they have a healthy lifestyle, however they look youthful for the majority of it even past their prime.
  • While in their whirrb form, they could produce a wingbeat of 15-80 times per second depending on their wingspan; while in their humanoid form it's 5-10. Thus producing a loud humming sound whenever they fly.
  • In their whirrb form, they sometimes visit gardens made by humans to get more nectar.

  • They can roost upside down without their feet and legs getting tired at all (having special tendons similar to a bat's); though they only do this when they are hobos aren't in a proper shelter; only able to warm themselves up by being in a fetal position with their wings wrapped around them. Although when in a group, they huddle together as they roost especially in cold climate.

Day VS Night Lilidae

As different as day and night

  • They are split between day (diurnal) and night (nocturnal) lilidae. The difference between them besides their active hours, physically night lilidae have black scleras, spurs on their ankles, and are often bigger than day lilidae. They have the potential to hit 6ft. Oh and they drink blood too.
  • Night lilidae curb hunger too by drinking blood as its part of their diet. They're not picky where they drink from as long as it's warm-blooded and not poisonous. Although they kinda like drinking from other lilidae (especially those of day) because they eat healthily than most humans, often causing strife between the two lilidae types. 
  • Despite being literally bloodthirsty, the closer they are to human settlements, the more behaved they are for the fear of being hunted. Usually they just need to drink once a day; typically half a glass worth. They get most of their energy from nectar and other food. Not being able to drink blood won't really kill them but they will feel unquenchable thirst and hunger, making them rather violent (and a bit crazy).
  • Night lilidae are also far more skilled in navigating in the dark than day lilidae, due to their polished skill in echolocation and better night vision.
  • Both lilidae are by nature territorial so most of the time the day and night don't mingle with lilidae outside of their colony; although the day lilidae are more hospitable to fellow day lilidae.
  • Despite being rivals (even sworn enemies) they always live close to one another as they always settle in places abundant with rich nectar and flowers; they could be quite competitive over those.
  • Day lilidae often live in treetops while night lilidae live in caves (or anywhere dark, sometimes even abandoned buildings). Some live on their own or some stay together as a colony.
  • There are rare cases day and night would mingle, creating children who will be dubbed "child of dusk" or "child of dawn" depending on their parents. And just like one of their parents, they need to consume blood however they don't thirst as much as a full-blooded night lilidae. They are supposedly rarest when they have all the rarer individual traits.
  • Child of Dawn
    - Day mother + Night father
    - Have natural skintone from fair to dark
    - May have spurs on their ankles
    - Have black sclera
    - Can be huge like their night parent
  • Child of Dusk
    - Night mother + Day father
    - Have white to gray skintone
    - May not possess spurs on their ankles
    - Have white sclera
  • Usually half-breed lilidae aren't really accepted by most colonies, so they often live alone unless their colony accepts them.


Thanks for reading and viewing!

For any future/current Lilidae owner, you're not obligated to follow the lore. Feel free to use whatever piques your fancy to supplement whatever story you want. Just have fun 8'D 

I do not own the idea or any of the traits (bat/hummingbird etc) other than the official art and concept as a whole.

Lilidae Closed Species and Concept by hen-tie
(so please don't make your own without permission)

Beautiful animated pixel made by MieuChan 
Special thanks to Kanlamari for fixing my messy lore and writing it into something cool
Special thanks to resilverflare for contributing such nice sketches for this journal
A special shout out to Omigrim and yukibuns for helping me design the whirrb form
I couldn't have done this without you guys //cries on you girls

Also a big thanks to everyone who showed undying support with this adopts project! T _ T <3
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Ngl I'm glad I don't have to Follow the Lore, I was planning on using more Chubby/Curvey body types for my Lilidae Twins. Though I will take the Childern of Dawn&Dusk into consideration for future events.