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[EnTrancers] Adopts Species Preview by hen-tie

"Don't dream your life, live your dreams."

Dreams are often passed off as a series of visions, thoughts, and sensations that occur only inside our minds, a product of brain activity when sleeping. A dream is a vague vision of one’s desire, fears, or a part of their memories. This is what is believed to be true but dreamers, especially those who are aware of their own dreams, know that this isn’t the whole truth and there is a deeper sense to what is only seen as sensations that is forgotten a few minutes after waking up.


Dreamscape as how some dreamers call it, is a world where each thought, desire, and fear in the Waking World are contained in doors which are called Entrances, and are guarded by weaver of dreams. It is not known, but when people dream, they subconsciously pick an Entrance and ‘live’ the dream contained in it. For infinite number of doors, it is no wonder why each dream is different from another as each Entrance is different as well.

Most people do not know about this world and are unaware of their activities in the Dreamscape. However rare, there are people who are able to freely access Entrances and consciously enter and exit a dream. They are called Lucid Dreamers, also called Dreamwalkers. They may also come across each other, hence the theory that Dreamscape is a dimension created by the linked thoughts of human beings. Not necessarily true, it is to say that the Dreamscape and the Waking World are co-dependent dimensions.


In history, there have been accounts of so-called Dream Eaters, or spirits who devour dreams and nightmares. It is known that Dream Eaters help people, especially children, to sleep well by eating their nightmares. But once a Dream Eater is hungry, it may eat not only dreams, but hopes and desires as well, only leaving an empty shell. They are believed to be nature spirits, but a popular legend among Dreamwalkers say that these apparitions used to be human and were once a dreamer like they are.

The world of Dreamscape manifests the strongest emotions imminent in the human mind—fantasies—and even if nightmares come hand-in-hand with dreams, dreamers will and forever be drawn to it.

In the legend, it is said that Dreamwalkers become Dream Eaters when they stay in the Dreamscape longer than they should, trapping themselves and making them unable to leave. Because Dreamscape is built on desires and fears, they are consumed by these two contradicting emotions and lose sight of themselves. It leaves the physical body in a deep sleep, commonly called a state of comatose. Turning into Dream Eaters, they endlessly consume Entrances, whether or not there is another dreamer in it.

This have been a rare occurrence until recently, when there have been an influx of people falling into an unexplained comatose. Entrances are destroyed and consumed in an exponential rate, as well as the increase of the number of Dreamwalkers. It has come to the attention of the Dreamscape’s Overseer, often referred to as Sandman, that there are unnatural events or phenomena in the Waking World affecting the Dreamscape. The two worlds being co-dependent, Sandman called the attention of both the Dreamwalkers and Aedifex (Weavers of Dreams), eventually leading to one verdict: for Dreamers to come hand in hand with Aedifex in order to slow down the growing number of Dream Eaters, if not, eliminate them from the Dreamscape.

From this verdict, Entrancers came to be.



      Entrancers take their roots from Dreamwalkers, as they are aware of the world of Dreamscape and roam freely about the dimension. They are able to choose which Entrances or dreams to enter and may interact with other dreamers and the dwellers of the Dreamscape. They appear different from themselves in the Waking World as their appearance is affected by their own desires in the Dreamscape.
      Dreamwalkers become Entrancers when they establish a contract with an Aedifex, Dreamscape dwellers, and turn them into a vassal. In lieu to this, they play a more important role in the Dreamscape as they watch over and protect it from Dream Eaters. Being aware, they can drive away or eliminate the devourers with the aid of their vassal.
      Entrancers are humans, even in the Dreamscape and only gain non-human features from their vassal only if they are in their merged form.

        Vassals are Aedifex who established a contract with a Lucid Dreamer, turning them into what are the so-called Entrancers. The vassal lend their inert abilities to aid their keepers, either by channeling the vassal to themselves or to a weapon. Vassals also serve as a connection between the Entrancers and the Dreamscape, alerting them when their aid is needed. Vassals differ from regular Aedifex by their closed zippers.

      Aeon Form
        The Aeon form is achieved when the Entrancer and Vassal meld into one entity. The Entrancer gain the features of the Vassal and not only inherit their abilities, but also enhances them. The Aeon form is difficult to achieve even for experienced Entrancers. It requires unyielding concentration. In this form, it becomes easier for them to defeat (or even destroy) Dream Eaters.

      As aforementioned, Lucid Dreamers are able to dream as if they were in the Waking World. they choose their own dreams and are aware of the Aedifex. Aside from their ability to choose Entrances, they also remember their dreams clearly like an experience or a memory. Potential Entrancers, they are free to choose their Aedifex or Vassal to-be, provided that the Dreamer and the Aedifex are compatible. In rare cases, the Dreamer has to tame an Aedifex to make a contract.

      Sleepwalkers make up the most of world population, ignorant of the world that is Dreamscape. They are those who take dreams and mares as they are and have no control of themselves in the Dreamscape. They oftentimes forget their dreams upon waking up, but it stays true that they have travelled the Dreamscape in their sleep. Hence, the title ‘Sleepwalkers’.


    Aedifex are dwellers of the Dreamscape, weaver of both dreams and mares. Each Aedifex guard an Entrance to either a dream or a mare; each Entrance unique from the other. As such, they are classified into two, the Luxier and the Noxis. Both classifications have open zippers when they have not made a contract with a dreamer.

        Luxier are the weaver of good dreams. They represent endless human desires and are believed to weave only the good. However, human desires are not limited to only good thoughts and therefore some Luxier appear dark and mare-like to represent desires that are unpleasant.

        The cavity in a Luxier’s open zipper appear to have light like that of a gentle lantern. Being in the presence of their light would bring warmth and happiness to a person. The brighter the light is, the stronger the Luxier is.

        Noxis are the weaver of nightmares. Believed to be evil, Noxis weave fears in order to warn. Fear is the most primitive emotion that keeps humans from doing harmful things to oneself or to others. Noxis therefore exists to balance the pleasant dreams meanwhile warning humans of their own nature and actions.

        The cavity inside a Noxis’ open zipper appears to show a night sky, but unlike the Luxier, the deeper and darker it is, the stronger a Noxis would be. Their open cavities emit a smoke-like darkness and gives off a feeling of dread. Noxis are also known to have black sclera.

      Memoria (Rare)
        Memoria are the weaver of memories. They are different from the Luxier and Noxis because their Entrances are based on people’s strongest memories. They are rare because they fade the same way memories do, parallel to how humans die. They are attached to objects called Mementos which hold significance to people. Unlike the other Aedifex, they can affect the Waking World. Once Mementos are held by people, the Memoria allow humans another chance to re-experience the memory, regardless if it is something worth cherishing or forgetting; this we call ‘nostalgia’. The cavity inside a Memoria’s open zipper is that of deep gold and gives off a feeling of longing.

Dream Eaters

    As their name suggests, Dream Eaters are devourer of both dreams and mares. They are an anomaly in the Dreamscape and originate from Dreamers who were unable to go back to their own body. Consumed by both fear and desire, they have become creatures who only wish to consume. Being previous Entrancers, they are rumored to devour their vassal and parasitize Entrances, often leading to its destruction. Because they have devoured their own vassals, they inherit their traits and their zippers turn into an open rip. These rips are like an endless abyss and once touched, one can immediately turn into a Tranced.

      As the appearance of Dream Eaters become more apparent, Dreamwalkers and Sleepwalkers are left defenseless once the Entrance they are presently in are devoured in their sleep. These Dreamers become a lower form of Dream Eaters, called Tranced. Unlike their superior kind, the Tranced are mindless and would eat about anything in their way, speeding up the process of the consumption of Entrances.



    • Both Entrancers and Dreamwalkers have a special mark in their eyes. The marks on the eyes of the Entrancers would appear to glow or change color after a contract is sealed.
    • The open zippers of the Aedifex are closed with a zipper lock which is unique for every Vassal.
    • Each Entrancer has an artifact on them that is similar to the zipper lock of their vassal. It enables them to be connected and communicate with their vassal even when the Entrancer is in the Waking World.

    • On Dreamwalkers, the mark in their eyes are almost unseen, as they appear neutral or the same color of their eyes.


    • The Luxier’s open zipper appears to have a light that ranges to soft bright colors to white.
    • Often times the Luxier's eyes are closed though rumors say chancing upon them open is like looking straight into "God's Eyes".
    • Luxier often have light colors, but because not all Luxier represent good things, some of them may appear like a Noxis.

    • The Noxis’ open zipper appear to have infinite darkness, hence involving dark, bold colors with the darkest being black. From these open zippers, black smoke may come out.
    • The Noxis have black sclera.
    • Same as the Luxier, even if the Noxis involve dark colors, some of them are not necessarily dark. They may look akin to Luxier, save for their scleras.

    • The Memoria’s open zipper appears to shine a golden glow.
    • Often, Memoria have youthful appearances.

    Dream Eater

    • Dream Eaters, rather than having open zippers, have a rip. Some may appear like strange markings around an open cavity while some appear like a destroyed open zipper, like a rip. This is the remains of the Vassal consumed by their own Keepers.
    • Dream Eaters often appear as a deformed Aeon with the unnatural fusion of the previous Entrancer and its Vassal. Dream Eaters may choose to be in their human appearance save for their open rips but more often than not appear in their natural forms.


  • How are Aedifex born? Where do they come from?
    • Aedifex appear like how our thoughts, ideas, and imaginations appear spontaneously in our minds. If there are enough people who have same thoughts/desire/fears then an aedifex will be born.

  • Can Aedifex talk? Do they have feelings?
    • Aedifex can communicate but rarely “speak” and would often talk telepathically. Those who talk are aedifex who existed for a while and have been able to observe how humans act, thus mimicking certain “human aspects”. They are familiar only towards the feelings displayed by the dreamers within their Entrances though their emotions aren’t subjected to just the ones they see. For example, most Noxis take pleasure in seeing frightened dreamers even if they only saw and knew fear all their lives.

      In this regard, this also means they can enter intimate relationships with other Aedifex (or even Entrancers/Dreamwalkers) as long as they understand the concept of romantic/platonic relationships.

  • What happens to the Aedifex’s Entrances when a contract is formed with an Entrancer?
    • The Vassal's Entrance gets cut off from the collective consciousness of dreamers in the Dreamscape and is only now connected to its Entrancer. It is only in the Entrancer’s will if they would allow other people inside their Vassal’s Entrance though it is not recommended as a Vassal will also be prone to invading dream eaters.

  • What happens to the Vassal if a contract loses its effects?
    • The vassal returns to their previous state as a free contract Aedifex (open zippers and the lock disappears). If the contract wasn't willfully released by the Entrancer themselves (unusual circumstances such as untimely death or a greater being such as Sandman breaking the contract), it gives off a very horrible experience for the vassal like a part of them died as well; the pain of the contract breaking at that very moment is akin to being slashed when their zippers are forced open.

  • How do Vassals communicate with their Entrancer in the Waking World?
    • The zipper locks are the physical manifestation of the contract between an Entrancer and their Vassal. When the physical manifestation of the locks are attached to the Entrancer, it allows for their vassal to directly communicate with them telepathically.

  • Do Dream Eaters still have the Entrance (door) of their Vassal?
    • Yes, although a corrupted version. Anything that's inside it will slowly get eaten away and become part of the Dream Eater—causing them to inherit certain thoughts, especially fears, of any sentient creature of the Dreamscape they consumed—which will drive them further to insanity. The corrupted Entrance can be seen as a very big stomach. Although it is rare for them to 'reveal' their door because it's like exposing their weakness.

  • How dangerous are Dream Eaters?
    • As Aedifex are easily born from the collective thoughts of humans, they can also be easily erased when all that is in the mind of a Dream Eater—whose existence still bore from humanity—is "devour". Dream Eaters are neither human or Aedifex, and thus are foreign entities in the Dreamscape. Their very existence prove to be a threat to both Aedifex and dreamers alike. No matter how powerful the will of the Aedifex, once an Entrance suffers irreversible corrosion, the world and its occupants will eventually be consumed.

      Only Entrancers can defeat them because they too are foreign entities who also share existences of both human and Aedifex. But ironically, Dreamwalkers who have become Entrancers are more prone to become powerful Dream Eaters when their sole purpose was to impend the growth rate of Dream Eaters.


  • Because of the nature of their existence, Memoria are extremely rare. Hence, Entrancers with Memoria Vassals are even rarer.
  • Dream Eaters are uncommon.
  • The Luxier and Noxis are the most common.
  • The stage where the adopt will be standing on is also an indication of rarity (or strength) and is rated from bronze, silver, to gold; gold being considered rare.


  • When adopting an Entrancer, an Aeon form may be requested for commission. For cases where a bid surpasses a certain value (will be indicated on the Artist’s Description), the Aeon form may be requested for free.
  • If a Dreamwalker and an Aedifex are adopted, the Dreamwalker’s class may be changed to an Entrancer. An Aeon form may be commissioned.
  • If our designs were to be commissioned from us, a discount will be provided for regular art (check "Commission Us" from the navigation for more information).

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