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Drew a quick stress reliever draw between commissions and zine work I'm still working on. I love this boiya lots !!

He's the typical varsity jock in high school, who usually gets what he wants through charm and looks. Though he's having trouble with this one girl who is also interested with other girls. Lyra and him are dating on the surface when in truth they kind of compete with courting someone they fancy. He does really genuinely like her though...

TH profile and other art:

Damien (OC) belongs to me; design and heartbabies (CS) by wolphfe 
art by me
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its a fuckn furry how gay

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wow,so beautiful!!!

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To be honest, he's kinda cute XD

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He looks cool!

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amazing work!!
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Love the Balance of Colors & the Hairstyle is very fitting for him!

Adorable <3

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What a beautiful hand he has!  Charming boy! QwQ
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All I can think is that his ears are adorable. :love: :heart:
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"a QUICK stress reliever draw"!?
WOAH! HOW??? You're a professional!
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Sooo good!! Love it!
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He is so handsome ;v; and this artwork is pretty too, and.. i love the name Damien too.
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