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Man With His Brown Hunter and Spaniel

FIN: Jossakin toisessa todellisuudessa, jossa Hemsburyn väki yhä eläisi 1700-lukua, olisi Magnuksen Dandy-spanieli aina innolla mukana, kun kartanon talleilla herrasteleva pukuväki lähtee ratsastusretkilleen. Hadley olisi varmaan silloinkin tykännyt isoista ruunikoista, kuten Dack ja Lucy ovat, ja hienoista ratsastusvaatteista, kuten nykyäänkin. Ei hätää, Dackin häntää ei typistetty tai leikattu tätä varten - se vain nostettiin ylös!

ENG: In an alternate universe where Hemsbury would still be stuck in the 18th century, Dandy the spaniel would still love running along whenever the gentry of the country house left for their hacks. And had Hadley lived then, he would have still loved big bay horses and fancy riding clothes as he does nowadays.

I have never had as much fun drawing anything as I did with this piece, and I'm just so giddy about the result! Look at it! It's so cute! It was so much fun! There's a dog and a landscape and a wibbly wobbly zooming George Stubbs-esque horse and I did all of that and I love it! I never want to draw anything else again.
GO ENTER THE SHOW, there's still plenty of time!

Show: 2017 WBS Baroque Event
Horse: Cleland Cuithbeat (10 yrs, stallion)
Rider: Hadley Sutton feat. spaniel mix Dandy
Stable: Hemsbury Stables, UK
Class entered: Stallion showcase
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:love: OMG I LOVE this
I love how it has that vintage maters feel
so cute and so perfect <3
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This piece is adorable! I love all their expressions!
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Thank you! ♥
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Great job :) I've always had a tough time drawing horses, but I like how you've done yours, especially the coloring. I also like the sheep in the background.
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The difficulty with horses, I think, is that they're so big and full of movement. Thank you very much!
And you noticed the sheep! I was worried that they were too smudgy, so that's a relief to hear. :)
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