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-Last Stripes-

By Hemingway81
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i was listening to Magenta's "All Over" and so thinking of you .... :heart:

Last Stripes 1920*1200 , feel free to resize :)

Stock: [link]

© 2008 - 2021 Hemingway81
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Very nice! i think it would be better with a little bit of blur, just a little. but yeah we all can do that if we want to :P
congrats :D
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about the blur, i personnally think that you are very very very right about it, "just" a bit of blur suits it jusssst fine, and now i did it for myself, i only use it (again) that way, nevertheless, as you adequatly put,"we all can do that if we want to", so i'll leave it the way it is from the start for the download, like that, anyone can apply is own proper amount of blur without being hostage of my own sight of it. i really thank you for you comment, and of course, i also thank your support.

Ps: I really hope the portuguese team will go far in this cup, you have a very good team spirit on the feild, especially in the last game, as you of course have several talented players to make well through this cup, so i wish good luck!!

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YES! You understood just right what i meant to say :D :D, i said that we all can do that because if i wanted i'll do it, and it will be silly to ask you re-upload another version of your wall. I'm glad we think the same :D.

thanks for the support on the Portuguese team, honestly i feel very sorry for the north Korean team, they will be literally killed when they arrive, 40 years ago the same happened to them and they (NKteam) ended up in Concentration Camps, i dunno i can FIFA allow that kind of countries to participate into the World Cup.

many thanks for your support, your a very nice french person. I'll add you to my watchlist ;)

Good Luck to your team too;) hopefully we'll meet at the finals :P (once again)
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well, the french team is out...i think for a long time...our team collapsed on every level, our french football federation is exploding, our players are no good, our coach is gone and we're out of this, no finals i guess for us :p ...i still wish you good luck, and obviously, to the NK team too...

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wow! very colorful!

Thanks for the comment too! I'm sure i'll enjoy this
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I think that I will keep this wallpaper on my desktop for a very long time :)
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And you don't know how much it makes me feel good!!. :)

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It reminds me of Johnny Carson! Dig it... nice vibrant color.
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glad you like it! :)

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awesome mate ! :D
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Thanks!! , glad you like it ;)

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lovely colours! :heart:
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nice wallpaper :D good work!
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Love that wallpaper! thx a lot for sharing :)
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Very nice!
I love the colors :D
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just stock work, thanks :D

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nice to have news from you ;)

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it's really good, i love it :D
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