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Caroline Dragonite OC and Animation

By hemig
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Personality: Compatative, a little pervy, mostly joyful and happy. But serious when it comes to fights.

Likes to: 
She likes to win. She usually like to fight because she want to be the very best. She doesn't only have the goal to become the best mage but also the best fighter and warrior.
What she also likes is cakes and small chocolate cubes. :3

She doesn't really mind fighing topless, or even completly naked (even if it is quite uncomfortable for her - but she has gotten a little used to it because of experience of fights in the past). If she had to care about that it would be a weakness for her, in her own opinion.

Main magic:  Her main magic is fire, though she is good at other kind of magic as well.

Backstory:  Her parents are quite unusual...Her father is a samurai and her mother a mage just like herself. She can handle a fight with swords (as she learnt from her dad) but she rarly uses that skill in fights. She prefers magic. 
She always wanted to explore the world. When she turned 18 years old she start wandering around in the world, exploring as she wanted, and finding new challenging fights to become a better fighter then her parents ever was.

She would want to someday meet Natsu (from Fairy tail) and learn new things with firemagic.

Eye color:  Well, the thing is...she can actually change eye color. ^^; But she was born with green colored eyes, and she most of the time have green. But she can change them through transformation magic. The change in itself doesn't drain alot of magical energy - but some eye colors boosts some skills. For example orange eye color boosts her fire magic, blue her ice and water magic, light-gray wind and air magic and so on... When using a specific eye color like that it drains more magic energy but gives a boost in strength!

Her magic skills: 
  • Expert Firemagic skill
  • She can some Illusion magic
  • Well at transformation magic
  • Skilled at summoning magic


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I LOVE THE FACT that this is a gif. And wow, doesn't mind fighting topless, eh? Lol, I'd love to see that. Nice work! --Also, just noticed and I'm loving how the fire reflects onto her body!
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Thank you!! Heart I am a dummy! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up 
If she would become topless / naked during a fight it would be a great weakness to try and cover her body while trying to fight (in her opinion)... so she kind of accepted to fight in that condition in most cases! ;) ;)   (I will try to draw it some day! :D )
Aaah, cool that you noticed. The reflection was actually really easy to make! :D Thumbs Up