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25 Beach Photoshooting Poses

25 free beach photoshooting poses for the genesis 8 female from DAZ. I have created these poses from scratch, I hope you'll find them useful. Commercial renders ok. See the included Readme.txt for instructions.
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These are great! Love poses

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Thank you, more poses are always helpful

Thank you ...

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sweet thank's by the way I like your name i've got two 426 type hemi car's :) 69 GTX,^*m super stock Dart

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Actually my name is a bit outdated, I ended up with a Hemi392
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I have a 50 ford that i built in the 60's,(high school) restoring it as we speak Blown 1958 392 puts out 600hp at 5500rpm.We race NHRA div 7 stock 72 demon 340 . MOPAR or no car. :)

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Thank you for these.

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They look great! Thanks

very cool , thx!

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Very nice. Thanks

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Thank you very much

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Thankyou for all poses that you do , saves me heaps of time.

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Amazing poses thank you

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cool I like the name I own a Hemi 1966 race std bore

why i cant download it?

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Thanks. Looking forward to checking these out.

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