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Cerulean Shoulders
        The sun’s rays set on her cerulean shoulders, the gloomy yet ironically peaceful contrast of hues touching to the traveler’s eye. He soaked in the way the breeze tickled her willow hair, and how her sloping arms so easily blended in with the rest of the world, her home. She had painted the sky in pink, white, blue, and a beautiful blazing orange, having mixed the ends of each hue so no one could spot one shade pick up where another had ended. She peppered the sky with numerous small milky fluffs, and the traveler could do nothing but soak in the mesmerizing art she had created for all to see.
        However, he knew that not many adored her work anymore, nor did they acknowledge her scars; the trash people threw on her, the energy and life that was sucked right out of her—all were simple yet extremely harmful actions carelessly tossed upon her slowly weakening shoulders, their hom
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Mature content
Diamond Heart :iconhelvette-tea:helvette-tea 0 0
Can You See Me?
        “Can you see me?”
        My heart races at an abominable rate; my shoulders and the base of my throat burn and fight for more air, which only seems to add onto the pain. But I can’t breathe freely, not when she’s so close.
        “Can you see me?” the girl repeats; her somewhat high-pitched voice is dangerously smooth, unlike the rough blade I had seen her holding in her hand before hiding myself away in the hallway closet.
        I allow myself to inhale and exhale quietly through my nostrils, one hand clenched over my mouth and brown eyes glued to the door ahead of my scrunched trembling form. My other hand practically chokes the flashlight I managed to grab on my way to the closet. I can hear her soft steps on the other side—it sounds like she’s getting closer. The li
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Shouta Aizawa x Orphan!Child!Reader: Family
(Y/N)'s quirk: Parchment—this quirk takes agility and close combat, as (Y/N) must come in contact with her opponent to use her quirk. Once obtaining any trace of DNA she can write down her commands as a story, or simply as a command, and read the passage out loud to make her opponent do as she says. Her quirk is limited to 1 hour of use max if she chooses, and reaches a radius of 0.5 kilometers. Because of this quirk and her raw passion for writing from a young age, she's grown to be a very talented writer.
Disclaimer: Possibly triggering content ahead.
        "You're a great storyteller, (Y/N)," the elder told me. Silver tresses spilled down and reached her mid-back, as well as framed the woman's weathered face. Even with age her cheekbones were high and prominent, and her gray eyes still shone with a sharp glint. 
        "Really grandma? Thank you!" A bright smile graced my much younger features.
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Mature content
Say You Won't Let Go (America x Reader) Pt. 2 Lime :iconhelvette-tea:helvette-tea 4 3
Say You Won't Let Go (America x Reader) Pt. 1
        "I'm deeply sorry for your loss, miss (L/N)." The simple sentence I've heard so many times in the span of less than ten minutes after the funeral holds as much value as an empty glass held in the hands of a drunkard looking for more whiskey to chug down—it just isn't enough. But all I could do is smile. They know I'm hurting, all of them do, but they were saying the same thing to every family member they knew had relatively close ties with Mother. Even so, a halfhearted grateful grin forces its way onto my pale face; I couldn't simply usher these guests out, not when they came such a long way to attend Mother's funeral and aren't even aware of me being their hostess. 
        The mere thought of these people lingering around me, these normally merry, jolly, happy souls, wrenches at my heart. The simple realization that a day like today was all it had to take to send them off in a rush to find the darkest clothes they had t
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I would honestly feel so blessed if I could collaborate with an artist and work with them to create a comic/webtoon based off of one of my old or new plots. 
What really happened during my all-nighter-
Arrow left Ate one tiny carton of Greek yogurt, chugged one cup of coffee, sipped one tall Yeti bottle thingy of water
Arrow left Didn't use my notebook at all, slammed the keys on my keyboard for answers to homework, scribbled on my whiteboard the assignments I had left, pretty much dissected and aggressively disassembled my science lab box, tore the earbuds away from my laptop and tossed them onto the table because I didn't need them in the end

Arrow left Less than two breaks between 12 AM and now 6 in the morning, and that's including me sitting here typing
Arrow left Turned on almost every single light in the one half of the house I was staying
Arrow left I didn't procrastinate! But I got emotional over work-
Arrow left Played "Pick Up My Kitty Off The Dining Room Table a ThoUsaNd TimEs Because I'm WorKinG"
Arrow left I forgot what else I did tbh :"

NEXT GOAL: Can I survive the next whole day today or am I going to practically drop dead wherever I see is fit enough for three minutes of sleep. 
All-Nighter Plans Tonight!!

Bullet; Blue Things needed
Arrow left Water, coffee, orange juice, soda
Arrow left Apple, banana & PB, chips, etc.
Arrow left Notebook, pencils & erasers, whiteboard & markers & whiteboard eraser, lab box, laptop & charger, earbuds

" Do, or do not. There is no try. "

Bullet; Blue Schedule (adjust as REALLY needed)
Arrow left Breaks every 20 minutes for 10 minutes, organized by the hour
Fire Bullet - F2U! Keep lights bright enough to see & work efficiently
Fire Bullet - F2U! Do not procrastinate — JUST DO.
I keep realizing over and over again that I'm not as well-suited for writing series as I am for one-shots and essays. Who knows, I might start writing essays for people! :thinking: 


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Måne Vann
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hei! My name's Måne Vann, but you can also just call me Mane if you'd like. I am an absolute lover of creative writing, but I also don't mind research and writing essays. I've been interested in writing fanfictions for the animes Free!, Hetalia, and BNHA/MHA, as well as some of my own little short stories brought to you by my imagination~! The link provided to you down below takes you to my main Quotev profile. However, my writing profile is provided in my journal that discusses other things I like. Have a great day lovelies!



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